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The 5 Nursing Nightmares I Have When I Sleep

To sleep, perchance to dream…have you had any of these five nightmares when you get the chance to sleep? What do nurses dream about when...
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6 Obscure Nursing Jobs (That You Might Not Even Know Exist!)

There’s so much more to nursing than just daily life at a hospital. While most RNs start their career working in a hospital, nursing...
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Hi. I’m the nurse. We’ve never met.

Today, when stereotypes are rampant and when confusion is the common prescription in health care, I find it necessary to share my views of a...
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9 Steps To Retire In Style With A Nurse’s Salary

The harsh reality about nurses and retirement is that most of us are not thinking about it. Which is strange, considering that our profession...
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The Dark Side Of The Shift

I’ve always envied those who can flip flop back and forth between day shift and night shift. How do they do it? I think I’ve...
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Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Nurse

We all have good and bad days when it comes to working as a nurse. On my best days, I can’t imagine working in any...
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5 Surprising Facts About Hand Washing

If you’re a nurse, you probably spend quite a bit of time every day washing your hands. Hand washing is the single best way...
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10 Things A Nurse Would NEVER Say!

As a nurse, you probably feel like you repeat yourself ALL the time with every new patient who comes onto your unit. So just for fun...
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The History of National Nurses Week

Since 1994, National Nurses Week has started on May 6 and ended on May 12 (Florence Nightingale’s birthday). This year, to show our support...
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Virtual Humans Help Aspiring Doctors Learn Empathy

For medical student Katie Goldrath, the first time delivering difficult health news came when she had to tell a young woman named Robin and...


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