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"Pile of scrubs"

Do You Agree?–Top 6 Ridiculous Nursing Uniform Policies

Nursing uniform policies have been changing over the past few years—causing some hapless nurses to fall through the cracks when it comes to scrubs...
"Handcuffs and mallet"

Warrant Issued For Patient Accused Of Attacking Nurse Who Died Days Later

Tragic. Heartbreaking. Unbelievable. And yet it seems all too common these days to hear horrific stories of nurses being attacked at work. Lynne Truxillo, a...
"Tired female nurse sitting on floor"

What Do You Think? –Are We Working Nurses To Death?

Did that question grab your attention? It sure did mine as I was scrolling Facebook and came across a nurse friend's shared post. The...

Nurse Scheduling Nightmares

How two clever nurse managers found low cost options to streamline scheduling. ...

How Two Healthcare Facilities Improved Efficiency by Updating Their Scheduling Methods

It’s been said that efficiency is the cornerstone of survival, and effectiveness is the foundation for success. This may...
"Exhausted female nurse"

Recognizing & Coping With Nursing Burnout

Nurses are often compassionate by nature. After all, one of the reasons you may have chosen nursing is to help people. But...
"Fireworks exploding"

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Nurses

The infamous New Year’s resolution... Most of us approach it with a little discontent, knowing that the odds of success are not...
"Woman on cell phone"

What Are Your Favorite Online Communities for Nurses?

Avoiding or overcoming professional burnout is a constant challenge for nurses. Numerous studies, medical journal articles and surveys reinforce the perception that nursing is a...
"Graduating Bachelors students"

Are New Nurses With Bachelor’s Degrees Better Prepared Than Nurses With Associate Degrees?

A new study from researchers at New York University reveals that nurses with bachelor's degrees report being very prepared in more quality and safety...
"Creepy Jack O' Lanterns"

10 Ways Nurses Bring Halloween Fun

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season and we’re alllllll about the holidays. The pumpkin spice lattes, the scarves, the falling leaves, the...


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