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"Paper family holding hands"

20 Health & Safety Tips For Busy Nurses!

As a nurse, you face a great deal of situations that can cause you and your patients harm—a daily fact that can fry your...
"Empty hospital ward"

What Do You Think? –Teen ‘Escapes’ From Mayo Clinic

No doubt you've seen the headlines about the Minnesota teenager that "broke out of the hospital." The story has been widely reported, including video...
"Hand holding FITBIT"

Wearable Devices: Useful Medical Insights Or Just More Data?

Do you track your steps with a FitBit or monitor your heart rate with an Apple Watch? Wearable devices are increasingly bought to track and...
"Red ship leading other white ships"

Lead Or Follow: What Sets Leaders Apart?

Leaders are more willing to take responsibility for making decisions that affect the welfare of others. A new study identified the cognitive and neurobiological processes...
"Happy woman"

How To Boost Your Wellbeing – The Benefits Of A Growth Mindset

Wellbeing has many facets. One theory of wellbeing – set out by Martin Seligman, one of the pioneers of positive psychology, in his 2012...
"Cardio Science"

Healthier Hearts Equal Healthier Guts

It turns out that exercise can do more than slim down your waistline and boost heart health. It might also make what's inside your...
"Tired Physician"

Majority Of US Physicians Say They’re Burned Out Or Depressed

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. physicians report feeling burned out, depressed - or both - with one in three physicians admitting that their feelings of...
"Nurse talking to patient"

Four Skills Key In Establishing Nurse-Led Cross-Sector Collaborations

About 70 percent of all variations in health care outcomes are explained by individuals' social conditions including housing, neighborhood conditions, and income, data show....
"Arm with IV"

An Unexpected Discovery In A Central Line

About a year and a half ago, a 6-year-old boy arrived at Children's Emergency Department after accidentally removing his own gastrointestinal feeding tube. He...
"Holding markers"

Markers, Erasers, And Germs, Oh My!

A thorough, terminal cleaning of hospital rooms between patients is essential for eliminating environmental contamination, and a checklist is a standard tool to guide...


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