Top Unconventional Nurse Job: Medical Ear Piercing!

Did you know there is such a thing as a NASCAR Nurse? How about a Trauma Flight Nurse? Or Summer Camp Nurse? What are some top unconventional nurse jobs that you’ve had or heard about? 

An unconventional nurse side job we recently learned about was in-home Medical Ear Piercing! Seriously the coolest gig that can earn a nurse an extra $10,000 a year with just two piercings a week. Who knew?!

A sizable portion of American families would choose medical ear piercing if it was only available in their neighborhood.  That sounds like an outside the box (unconventional!!) opportunity for nurses.

What exactly is medical ear piercing?

Simply put, medical ear piercing is a comfortable, safe and clean ear piercing alternative for American families. It's performed only by a medical professional and was originally referred to as an ear piercing done in the privacy of a doctor’s exam room. Nurses all across America are now getting involved and upping the game by offering in-home medical ear piercing. A crazy idea? Evidently not.

Nurses can connect with Blomdahl USA which provides a system sold exclusively to medical professionals that has been available in physician offices across the country for 20 years.

Honestly, it’s not surprising that the demand for a safe ear piercing alternative has grown exponentially over the past few years. Right now the main options for piercings seem to be going to the mall or a tattoo parlor. In-home ear piercing is an interesting new option.

Says Dave Loftus, Blomdahl USA founder, ”This is such a great opportunity for nurses! The demand for in-home medical ear piercing is huge and you can start and stop on your own time! It’s a safe, sterile process that’s totally in the wheelhouse of the nurse community.” 

Blomdahl has elevated the Medical Ear Piercing experience by including in-home piercings performed by a trained and certified Blomdahl Nurse Provider. After signing up, Nurses receive a starter kit which includes everything needed to get started. Additionally, nurses get training that includes practice materials, instructional videos and a live virtual coaching session. Best part is nurses can set their own schedule and only pierce when it works for them. There’s no office, no boss and all profit made from the ear piercing is yours.

Check out these Nurse-tested reviews on purchasing the “Nurse Program Starter Kit”!

“I love the kit! It came with everything I needed to get started,” said Nathalie Celestin-Watson, Certified Blomdahl Nurse Provider since 2019

“The device is easy to use, very accurate and safe! The support provided by Blomdahl USA is terrific! The starter kit has everything you need to get started and begin collecting income! Highly recommend it!” added Monica Jenema, Certified Blomdahl Nurse Provider since 2019.

“What started as a side hustle has developed into a significant source of consistent income.  I am soon expecting my second child and intend to use Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing as a means to delay going back to work full time, said Jessica Sciortino, a Blomdahl Nurse Provider since 2018.

Nurses can learn more about this opportunity by connecting with the Blomdahl Nurse Program. Don’t forget to comment below with questions or to share your top unconventional side gigs.

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Sue VerWys
1 year ago

I don’t think flight nurse or camp nurse are so unusual. I’ve been both. But a Medical Ear Piercing nurse sounds like an awesome thing to do!

Carole B.
1 year ago

I’m not quite sure about this. What’s the liability insurance coverage for this? My thoughts are, what if some kid/teenager ears get infected and the parents want to blame you. When in fact, the parents/teenager may just not have followed post care instructions properly. There are too many sue happy people out there. I’d rather get certified has a nurse aesthetician or a cosmetic nurse before I start puncturing someone’s ears

Mindy B.
6 months ago

I am also interested to know about how the BON looks at this. I am trying to find out in my state and getting vague responses.

1 year ago

What about State Licensure laws and SOP (scope of practice)?

Domonique Yvette Lytle
1 year ago

Hi there, this does sound interesting to do as side job. Is this only for ear piercing? Would you be able to do body piercings as well?

Linda, RN
1 year ago

Hello, after the initial purchase of the kit, how much is it to get more supplies?

Debra M McAuliffe
1 year ago

Do you have to find your own customers?