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Sitting Is Bad For Your Brain — Not Just Your Metabolism Or Heart

Studies show that too much sitting, like smoking, increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and premature death. Researchers at UCLA wanted to see...
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Advice To Management On The Occasion Of Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week, ModernNurse readers! We know your jobs are hard ones. You get all of the kicks and none of the kisses, and you’re...
"Pile of blood oranges"

How Are You Getting Through This Brutal Cold And Flu Season?

Be honest. How are you getting through this brutal cold and flu season? We nurses need to stick together so if you have any...
"Vaccine Needle"

What Do You Think? –Mandatory Flu Vaccines For Health Care Workers

A recent study about mandatory flu vaccines for health care workers caught our attention. The multi-institutional study found that mandatory flu vaccines improved participation...
"Illustrated Doctor"

Patient Prejudice: New Survey Finds Bias Toward Doctors, Nurses

A majority of doctors (59%) say they confront bias from patients, including offensive remarks about gender, age, race and ethnicity, according to a new...
"Doctor looking at x-ray"

To Curb Medical Errors, Physicians Must Be Better Trained To Admit Mistakes

Medical errors are a leading cause of death in the United States, with some research suggesting that errors can cause as many 250,000 fatalities...
"Flowers and candy"

Love Actually: Americans Agree On What Makes People ‘Feel The Love’

Americans may disagree on many things, but love might not be one of them. According to researchers, people in the U.S. largely agree about...
"Patient and walker"

Nurse Staffing Levels Linked To Patient Satisfaction

Patients' unfavourable views of hospital care are strongly linked to insufficient numbers of nurses on duty, rather than uncaring staff, indicates observational research published...
"Hospital Bed"

Missed Nursing Care Due To Low Nurse Staffing Increases Patient Mortality

Failure to deliver complete nursing care explains why hospitals with lower registered nursing (RN) staff levels have a higher risk of patient death, a...
"Crazy dog in Santa hat"

ER Staff Saves The Day After Family Dog Mauls Girl’s Elf On The Shelf

When a Florida hospital manager’s dog mauled her young daughter’s Elf on the Shelf, she called on her colleagues to save the day. Jenn Thelen’s co-workers at...


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