Share Your COVID-19 Stories, Tips & Fears

Our world has changed dramatically in the past few months and it is an unprecedented time of crisis within the healthcare community. serves as a community and outlet for nurses and healthcare professions to share their stories, struggles, concerns and best tips. We can come together to share and learn from our peers to better understand our experiences and feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you to the nurses and healthcare professionals around the world. We will win the battle against COVID-19. We will get through this, together.


Please share your stories, ask your questions or vent away in the comments section below.


> What is it like in your clinic or hospital right now?

> How is COVID-19 affecting your life?

> How are you balancing work with your family sheltering in place at home?

> What are you most frustrated about at work?

> Are you considering stepping away from nursing right now?

> What are your COVID-19 fears?

> What has made you laugh over the past few weeks?

> What is your go-to self-care to get through this difficult time?

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1 year ago

I’m fairly certain that my experience of recent has been true with every other nurse who reads this. I have never seen staff as physically and mentally just pushed to this level. Most of us are doing 14 to 15 hour days. Protective equipment is at a premium and under lock and key. Our docs are completely perplexed because of the way this disease is presenting so differently from day to day Some things I thought were impossible just seem to happen. When I am assigned to charge, the biggest struggle is keeping up morale with staff and patients. Remembering… Read more »

1 year ago

Hundreds of daffodils bloomed in my front yard 3 weeks ago and still stand! Very unusual! They are a month early and have never lasted this long. Everyone is out walking and enjoys them. God has a plan. Always.
(Would have attached a photo, but no means to do it here!)

Sonia Nelson
1 year ago

I was at home recovering from COVID 19 and at 0700 on March 31st one of my colleague called me. She said, I am in the parking lot but I just have to call you and tell you that I have been thinking about all night. I need to pray with you before I get to the unit. I was so touched and appreciated her call so much. There are no words to express how this made me feel. Suffice it to say my spirit was lifted.

Barbara Caruso
1 year ago

I am RN and it all became serious last weekend for me. My onset of severe a sore throat and cough symptoms were consistent with early Covid-19. I decided to be tested as I don’t want to expose my patients and chose to isolate. Going through a drive -up testing site was a bit difficult as I was alone and that reality that I might die alone really hit me hard. I knew how the advance stage of this virus would end with ventilation and possible a death without family by my side! I spent a five day isolation with… Read more »

Polly G Trice
1 year ago

I just want to say THANK YOU to all the nurses out there on the front lines. YOU are our heroes and each and every one of you are of great value to our country. I am a retired nurse of 45 years of nursing and b/c I have diabetes and asthma, I am thankful I do not have to be on the front lines right now b/c I doubt I could withstand what you heroes are called to do each day. God bless you, protect you, and go before you to prepare your way each day. Much love and… Read more »

Mylla Supatan
1 year ago

Never in my 27 yrs of nursing that I cried and cried, scared, hopeless in this time of crisis related to a virus. Flu season is nothing. Just last week, it hits me and my coworkers. The numbers were up, our PPE’s are limited, I have to transfer my patient to ICU. Then ICU capacity maxed out. The ethics committee has to be involved to determine who will get that ICU bed and ventilator. The MedEvac had flown all day in my hospital to bring the intubated patients to the mothership hospital with dwindling ICU beds. My ears hurt from… Read more »

1 year ago

It was our Grandsons fourth birthday yesterday and my wife and I got to Duo with him and his mother and sisters last night…his Daddy is our son who works on the North Slope of Alaska in the oil industry. His wife has been home alone with the four Grandchildren for 5 weeks during this whole thing. They are holding up but it has been soooo hard on all of them. Our Grandson asked “Grandpa, Is this going to be my last birthday?” He was perplexed and could not seem to wrap his head around it. We about fell apart… Read more »

Ann Kottal
1 year ago

I work at a nursing home/skilled rehab facility in eastern NC. I will concede that administration has tried to meet the state rules for a strict close down to vendors, visitors, etc. Temperatures are taken at the door…remarkable that everyone runs between 96.x and 98.x with a temporal artery thermometer that regularly gets dropped on the floor! We simply don’t have the advised PPEs—some full time staff are on the third week of using the same disposable N95 mask (not resanitized between uses), the rest of us are using “spit” masks with vacuum cleaner HIPPA filter paper filters, we have… Read more »

Nancy Aten-Hames
1 year ago

Just a little tip. Wipe down your groceries before u put them in your vehicle in your own bags. Double bag fruits veggies etc. and discard outer bag. Wipe hand area of inside bag and tie shut. Sanitize you’re hands. Once home , place veggies, fruit etc straight into sink. Leave plastic /paper bags outside in recycle bin. Wash your hands again after washing stuff in sink! 👍

1 year ago

I am an ER nurse. We are given one mask per day to wear all day. Any covid suspected patient that is going to be intubated is treated with airborne precautions so we all wear PAPRS. Running a code with PAPRS on or doing RSI’s is very difficult with this head gear; however, very necessary. We have the beds. We have the staff. We have the ventilators. No visitors are allowed except for one adult per pediatric patient per day only. People are dying alone. The level of human suffering is nothing like I have seen before. We are not… Read more »

Sonia D. Nelson
1 year ago

I returned to work on 4/6, even though I was not 100%, I recovered from COVID 19 and needed to get back to work to support my staff and colleagues. I was amazed to see how my nursing units are transformed. For example, 18 and 20 bed ICUs are now 30 bed COVID 19 units. 12-14 bed ICUs are up to 18-20 beds etc. The nursing staff is stretched to the max. This was not planned so no time to hire and train nurses. Staffing is a constant daily struggle and takes up the majority of my time. We have… Read more »

1 year ago

I thank my fellow nurses for meeting the addition challenges they are facing today. I am a retired nurse who served during the Vietnam era. During my last 10 years in nursing, I worked in Public Health and infection control so I know this is an uncertain time until we have more data. My prayers go with you. I thank you for all you do.

1 year ago

I’m an essential worker. I’m a nurse. I’m writing you my story not for accolades or for you to clap for me(although I appreciate those gestures immensely)… but for my own sanity. I’ve stopped sharing my concerns, my fatigue, my depression with my significant other because I’m afraid of scaring him. I dont want my stepchildren to hear me cry because they are already afraid of me. They’re afraid because i work with ‘those people’. I dont hug them – just in case I contracted COVID-19 from one of my patients. I’m living in a nightmare of a science fiction… Read more »

M Lee
1 year ago

I am a retired pediatric nurse, retired for the last 15 due to disability. I still keep my nursing license, as it is a part of my identity. I was 19 when I became a RN. But I know that I am high risk and unable to practice again. Covid-19 became real to me when my high school alumni association sent out a email requesting prayers for the vice principal of the school. The next day, the email said he had died of covid-19. I found myself crying for this 42 year old man who was not even born yet… Read more »

robert gagliardi
1 year ago

Where has all the Alcohol gone?????

1 year ago

I’m an ER nurse. Last week my mother-in-law died from ARF due to pneumonia. Was it CoVID19? Who can say? Knowing won’t bring her back. Since she was brought to my hospital, I was able to get my husband and his brother in to say goodby to their mama. We were lucky. So many patients are coming into the ER and are terrified to be going through their health care alone. I personally won’t step away from nursing. Frankly, I begged my boss to let me take some time to go to NY or CA to help for a few… Read more »

1 year ago

I am a 50+ RN working extra hours on a confirmed Covid-19 unit. I volunteered at first because the RN’s on the unit were popping positive and were sick and the unit was severely understaffed. I work 2 8-hour shifts on the weekends. I have Asthma and am extremely diligent on using PPE. I cry every single day because I am so fearful that if I mess up and get this, I would probably find myself alone in the hospital as a patient and potentially on a vent. I deal with it by reminding myself that if I let down… Read more »

1 year ago

I work in a specialist office and perform sinus procedures, not currently of course. The doctor wants to start scheduling these procedures again and I am nervous even with proper PPE because I have asthma, and a paralyzed diaphragm on one side from heart surgery last year. I am scared and sickened by the way the owner/doctor and P.A. and medical assistants are handling this like it is no big deal. I am having such a hard time ethically being here but I need a job and insurance like most people. There is no enforcement of rules and lots of… Read more »

1 year ago

Numbers going down for Covid admissions in the Community Hospital in the city Indianapolis,In. How the virus has affected me and family is things scheduled you were looking forward to cancelled. Not seeing extended family and friends. No hugs. I don’t like to be distanced socially. Had to rethink where or what store I am going to due to the closing of most businesses. Plus have spent less money and paid more bills. Downside also had more time to bake which leads to eating more which leads to putting on weight. Selfcare: focus on working on areas of my body… Read more »

1 year ago

I have been a nurse for 21 years. I’m 44 years old but feel like 75 a lot of days. I’m not on the front line this time, but I admire you that are and I can relate. For years I ran my body working 2-3 jobs because I was young, felt good and though I’m a Christian I was serving my flesh and things (not intentionally). I had built my house by the time I was 24, had finished my MSN by the time I was 28 and then I turned 30 and it came crashing down. I was… Read more »

1 year ago

While reading through these conversations, I realize how grateful I am. It has been rough! No Doubt! I am the employee health nurse at an acute care facility in South Florida and I am managing the care of our Covid Positive employees. (It has been a challenge to reassure a brand new nurse, who is also pregnant, that she WILL get better and that she really did make a good career choice!) So for today I am grateful to my pool guy! For years, I have been trying to tell my coworkers about the advantages of swimming. I realize I… Read more »

1 year ago

Being a pediatric home health nurse is extremely challenging. I care mostly for chronic lung disease with trachs and vents in the home. Back in February my 2 year old had a temp of 104, respiration 60 and pulse of 160 with increased work of breathing. I brought the client to the ED and after tylenol and a fluid bolus was sent home. I had repeated our ED trip again the following week and was sent home again. I never felt so helpless. CXR showed a viral picture what ever that means. I became sick thinking it was a cold… Read more »

1 year ago

I am a nurse in LTC & subacute. Any pt. That comes from the hospital is automatically on isolation however they are on isolation with another person in the room. Now these people are on isolation for 14 days they come at different times and they can come from different hospitals. I’m not sure that mixing them makes any sense. I’d like to get some feedback here. We are required to wear a mask all day at work and of course in the isolation rooms.we are only allowed one paper masks per day so we do not run out of… Read more »