5 Tips to Stay Fit and Active During Holiday Season


A busy holiday season schedule can easily put a damper on your health and fitness goals. But sticking to a good routine fueled with healthy foods and active habits can provide the energy you need to stay fit.

As the holidays approach, we're challenged not only by our change in routines, but also by the wide variety of ways we're tempted to overindulge in less healthful choices. That's why it's more important than ever right now to renew your intentions for healthy living by creating a plan that you can stick to, for both your daily fueling and also fitness routines.

Check out our top 5 tips to better your health this holiday season and beyond:

1    Maintain balanced eating

Don't skip meals, but instead eat lighter portions consistently.  Focus on the nutrient-dense but lower calorie fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to provide great nutrition, energy, vitamins and plant nutrients essential for metabolism, weight maintenance and good health.  Holiday eating is as much about what you should eat as what you should limit. And how you start the day counts.


2    Keep up your exercise program – even if it's just 15 minutes a day

Set reasonable goals and get your exercise regimen on the calendar as a commitment.   Aim to maintain your weight, not to make any drastic reductions during the holiday season that can often lead to frustration.


3    Take some time to decompress during the holiday season

Holidays can be fun, but also hectic with the gift-buying, family and work get-togethers, and overindulging in food and drink, all while also trying to keep healthy. If you're feeling frazzled, do something small each day to get centered. Try a chamomile or green tea break, try meditation, write in or start a gratitude journal.


4    Keep your immune system strong

With cold and flu season in full swing, the busy holidays can also take a toll on your health. So it's important to support your immune system to keep you feeling your best. Enjoy vitamin C-rich foods like citrus and kiwi.


5    Change up the occasion for the holiday mix-and-mingle

Instead of yet one more cocktail or dinner party, why not try hosting a holiday brunch? Make ahead some easy and delicious items with nutritious vegetables like a quiche or souffle. Add a beautiful cut fruit salad and a festive mocktail and you've got a holiday brunch party.

What are your tips for having a healthy holiday season? Share them in the comments section below.


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