What’s Your Favorite Nurse Advice and Superstitions?

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Never say the q word. Don't put down a good pen. Stay humble.

Oh... and they didn't "fall on it." These are just a few favorite nurse superstitions and advice. What are your favorites? Any superstitions or advice that your fellow modern nurses would appreciate? Share your favorites in the comments section and check back to see what your fellow nurses have posted. Here's a few more favorites:

Crack the window when someone is close to dying. Set the soul free!

Codes, deaths, accidents all happen in 3's and one is always a surprise.

Always bring 2 set ups needed to start an IV. That way you'll always hit the first time and won't need the second one. But if you only bring one ...you know what happens.

Never. Ever. Never say this is a quick procedure.

Listen to our seasoned nurses --they've seen a lot and experienced more than we can imagine. They have great tips/advice.

Always thank your Aide at the end of your shift. It helps create teamwork.

Never feel like you have to cover the empty shifts. You. Deserve. Time. Off.

Your turn! Share in the comments section below!






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Jen the RN
8 months ago

Never say “the q word” and tackle anyone who does.

Carry a pediatric tube or IV cannula in the ED for luck, so you won’t need it.

Wish every police officer, emergency services folks a safe and uneventful shift.

My first patient interaction each shift will set the tone for the whole day; 1 bad patient at the start can ruin the rest of the shift

Pray before each shift. Thank God for trusting in me that I can handle so much but ask that perhaps he could quit trying so hard to prove it.

Michelle, RN
8 months ago

If I had to choose between a coworker with great skills or great attitude, I choose attitude, skills can be learned, and great attitude makes work lighter!

Nan the Nurse
8 months ago

Don’t care what science says, Full moons bring out squirrels. Windy days also cause them to fall out of trees.
When some one says they have been bit by a piranha- don’t laugh.
Always know how to tell some one how to vampire proof their house.

Jacquie Montag
8 months ago

Never say “this won’t hurt”.

Karen the old prison nurse
8 months ago

When you’re starting an IV, always look at both arms before you decide where to insert it, so you’re not seduced by the first pretty vein that you see.

hope frechette
8 months ago

dont go into nursing for thank yous. go into it because u want to help regardless

Andrea Salazar
8 months ago

Beware of the full moon. The * always hits the fan.

P O’Neill
6 months ago

Back in the ‘70’s I worked at a SNF w/ several CNA’s: 2 from Jamaica & 2 from the Dominican Republic. During one week we had a patient death 4 nights in a row. On night #5, we had 2 more, very sick & weak seniors hovering at the edge of letting go. During early rounds 2 CNA’s put the last pair of shoes worn by the patient under the bed. Seeing my puzzled expression, they explained, ‘Leave them shoes here tonight. They’re not going anywhere until someone takes them from under the bed. During morning report, both patients were… Read more »

Brandy, RN
2 months ago

If you have never worked night shift, don’t assume it’s easy because all the patients sleep at night. It’s not true. The song “The freaks come out at night” is true, especially for sundowners. 🙂

Patricia Kelly
8 months ago

Whenever I worked my weekend, if my Saturday was crappy I’d always have a better Sunday, but if Saturday went smooth, watch out for Sunday!

Mark Woody RN,PHRN
2 months ago

If it’s wet and sticky, didn’t come from you- DON’T TOUCH IT!!!!

Meg McIlroy
8 months ago

Never think of delivering a Red Headed Mom on a full moon. Make sure you have blood hanging!

Picki Vicki
2 months ago

When you have an empty bed and you know admissions are coming, set up the room, zero the bedscale and pull back the covers. Usually when this is done the ‘admission’ doesn’t come as expected, but when you haven’t set up the room they are there in a flash.

Laurel Wilson
2 months ago

Never listen to another nurses report complaining about a patient being a PIA, go into the room with fresh eyes and open mind. Easier to make accurate assessment of your own. Remember patients are sick and their behavior often reflects that.

Nancy Meehan
2 months ago

When I worked in ICU many years ago, we would tie knots in the patient’s top sheet and they wouldn’t die on our shift. Always felt guilty about it.

2 months ago

Today was a good day guys, nobody died today.

8 months ago

Once you open a bed for an admission. Don’t close it when that patient gets admitted somewhere else. That way it wards off new admissions for awhile.

8 months ago

Alway open a window just a little when someone is dying so there spirit can leave.

Jillaine K Gallagher
1 month ago

We could predict the moon’s status after just 1 hr in the ED

1 month ago

If you say the “ Q” word ( quiet), all hell will break loose.

Always trust the hairs on the back of your neck.

Sometimes a dying patients need to be told that it’s ok to die and everything will be ok.

Full moon+ Halloween+ Saturday night= Call out sick.

Just because someone is smart doesn’t mean they have common sense.

2 months ago

Always carry morphine, atropine & epi in your pocket when going on a road trip. If you have it you won’t need it, if you don’t have it opening the crash takes valuable time.