What Are Your Top Nurse Tips For NOT Getting Sick?

We get it -nurses are always in the “sick” season. But with Covid-19 and the cold and flu season, it's important to share tips with our fellow nurses on how to NOT get sick. What are your routines? What are your tried and true favorite tips? In addition to vaccines, hand washing and getting good sleep, what are some other things we can do to try and avoid getting sick? Here's a few of our favorite tips from your fellow nurses. Check them out and then share your tips in the comments section below!


Vitamin D3 is the best way I have found to support the immune system. The goal is to keep the blood level between 60-80. In the winter I take between 5000 and 10,000 units daily. That and a good probiotic, over 70 billion live cultures, are proven immune boosters. I also put YLEO Thieves Vitality essential oil in my water daily. And of course, sleep, healthy diet-no wheat, no dairy and all organic, have me healthier than I have been in years.

- PeggySue


Nurses who are indeed exposed to so many germs and illness are given less sick days/call-in’s than employees who work most anywhere else including factories which is completely unreasonable and not sensible!!
In hind-sight, nurses should be getting the most sick days/call-in’s due to their repetitive exposures of illnesses and germs. Increase number of sick days/call-in’s would also help nurses keep better care of their own health by deterring nurses from feeling obligated to come to work ill due to lack of call-in’s days, and they could then stay home to rest up, and get themselves better from their own illnesses instead of spreading more germs by going to work anyway.
But then again…..Healthcare tends to care about greatly about their patients, but not their own workers as much that care for those very patient’s! In turn the germs all come back to the patients if nurses are coming to work ill….So I ask…..How much do they really care????

- MH


I use a natural oil diffuser with eucalyptus oil ..I keep 1 in my office for avoiding the dryness of the nasal passages which does lead to decreased fight power. Plus the Natural Antiviral & Antibacterial properties of the oils is remarkable!
Plus it smells great and clean.

- Victoria C.


Clorox wipes to high touch areas. I find zinc tabs effective at the first sign of a cold. I even take them pre and during flights. I used to get sick after every flight, but not since I found zinc.

- Bernice


Clean the phone when you come in With bleach wipes and try to only use that phone, you would not believe the germs that are infested in phones. I also clean the desk where I will sit to chart most of my shift. I agree with cleaning your nares, I’ve been doing this for years.

- Lisa


And drinking Water! Remember, our bodies are made up of 90% water.

- Kathy


How about a healthy diet. Us nurses often grab whatever when it would behoove us to take some time packing healthy meals and quick snacks to bring to work. When you haven’t done so your meal will end up being vending machine junk food, things you find in the bottom of your locker or work bag, or saltiness and coffee from the lounge.

- Lora


Don't forget your flu shot!

- Angie W.


Your turn! Share your tips in the comments section below!




  1. Find humor in everything. Laughter is wonderful medicine.
    I have always included laughter in my Home Health visits.

  2. Keep your hands away from your face!!! I take zinc year round, use to only take it when my younger children were in public school to stave off all the germs they were bringing home. It really helps to protect the immune system, Also take vitamin D3 about 20,000 units daily, it is also good for the immune system. The air in my hospital is so dry it can lead to drying of the nasal passages which usually gives me a sinus infection, so I have saline nasal spray at work and at home that I use, drink plenty of water while working and when off, deep sleep is hard to get when working nights, but I take GABA to help my brain rest, usually my body is tired but my brain will keep on clicking. Chicken broth helps in the winter time to keep the colds away. I wipe down the computer board and desk area when I start work and when I leave. That damn portable phone gets an alcohol wipe every time I work. Yes, we should get much better sick time especially when one looks at everything we are exposed to.

  3. 1.) Cleaning underneath my finger nails with a nail brush while in the shower. 2.) Taking Barlean’s Olive Oil Capsules along with an oregano capsule daily. Since I started doing these things 3-4 years ago I haven’t had the cold and/or flu since.

  4. Do not eat processed or junk food. When available, eat organic fruits & vegetables. For flue season; drink tea with: garlic, ginger, lemon, raw honey, cinnamon, & a piece of red onion. Eucalyptus essential oil used as a diffuser also helps decongestion. For cough: a home remedy: I slice a red onion, cover it with lemon juice & let it sit for a day, strain the lemon juice & add raw honey, use this throughout the day, it will relief or even get rid of your cough.
    Eat as healthy as possible, best advised to not get sick.


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