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"Shoe making"

A Tale of Bad Shoes!

Like many nurses, the search for the “perfect” shoe has been an ongoing adventure for me. Most of the time, I try new shoes,...
"Hanging Clothes"

Nurse Establishes Clothing Closet For Discharged Homeless Patients

Oliver Castellanos, a nurse at Miami-based Jackson Health System, created a clothing closet at the hospital for discharged homeless patients after noticing throughout his...
"Man and woman talking business"

Instructors Are Causing The Nursing Shortage

The United States is in need of qualified, educated nurses now more than ever. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American nursing schools...
"Hand holding gingerbread cookie"

Holidays In The Hospital

I know that many of us hate working on the holidays. Chances are, if you are or ever have been a floor nurse, you...

Update: Utah Nurse Reaches $500,000 Settlement

The nurse who was roughly arrested at a Salt Lake City hospital has settled with the city and the university that owns the hospital...
"Woman reading book"

Mom’s Beautiful Post To Nurses Caring For Daughter With Cancer Goes Viral

Shelby Skiles estimates that she’s met between 200 and 250 nurses and nurse technicians in the course of her daughter’s four-month battle with cancer. Two-year-old...
"Cop car"

Update: Utah Officer Fired For Arrest Of Nurse

We all watched the viral video, recorded by a police body camera, that shows the rough arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels, drawing...
"Iphone and laptop"

Surgeon Uses iPhone To Diagnose His Own Cancer

A vascular surgeon using his own neck to test an iPhone-based portable ultrasonic scanner found that cancerous cells were present. MIT Technology Review reported, "Black-and gray...

Rediscover the Joy of Being a Nurse

Need a Resilience Roadmap? –Time To Read “Rediscover The Joy Of Being A Nurse” We all know that being a nurse is not an easy...
"Stethoscope and smart phone"

Smart Bandage Could Promote Better, Faster Healing

Imagine a bandage made of electrically conductive fibers coated in a gel that can be individually loaded with infection-fighting antibiotics, tissue-regenerating growth factors, painkillers...


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