What Are The Pros & Cons of Travel Nursing?

There’s been a lot said about travel nursing over the past few years. It’s played a huge part in patient care during the pandemic as more and more nurses are moving into travel nursing. For those nurses considering it, check out below for feedback on those who are doing it or have done it.

Share your questions, comments or recommendations -pros & cons- in the comments section below.

Loved it, you have negotiating power because they really need your skills.  I took my daughter and we had our own appartment which was beautiful! Good pay and at the end of my 3 months they sent me a gold bracelet!

- Tommie K

I travel nursed for 7 years and loved it. Wish I had done it earlier. It gets in your blood. A wide variety of experience with new people each contract.  See the country and get paid for it.

- Joy M

I’ve done it for three years. I don’t think I can go back to regular bedside nursing. I travel with my family. I can not do it by myself. I also try and cluster my schedule so I do the three shifts in a row if I stay where my assignment is. Bad is ... you’re never part of the team. They look at you as a traveler. They kinda throw you in after one day training. Where everyone else gets weeks. But that’s the price to see the country.

- Colleen C

I’m on my third assignment and love it. I’m a lpn so my assignments are obviously different then a RN but it’s been fun. I was out of state for the first two but decided this time to stay home. As long as the place of work is more then 50 miles from your home address it’s considered Travel nursing and you will get all the stipends! I have a great recruiter with medical solutions if you want his info. Just make sure to tell them my name. I have traveled with snap, Favorite and now working with medical solutions and love all three! Also medical solutions have jobs all over the US. They are actually one of the largest recruiting companies and I had another recruiter from a different company tell me that.

- Amanda R

I did travel nursing for a little bit about 6 years ago. I didn’t like being away from home. However, I did meet some great people and am still friends with several of them. I’m going to be in a wedding next year; she is now one of my very best friends. ❤️

- Sarah H

Do you currently have a monthly financial obligation (house/mortgage) now? I found that the benefits of covered housing out of town was great but I still had to pay my mortgage and expenses back home. At the end of the month, I was making the same as if I were to have just stayed home. Had I not owned my house, being a travel nurse would have been great!

- Lisa C

The best! Pros-money, schedule flexibility, traveling anywhere, learning new things…I could go on lol. cons- mostly none… but can get lonely and sometimes you get crappy assignments.

- Olivia R.

Sometimes contracts are not enough to meet all expenses; home and traveling. Also, facility can cancel at the last minute. U lose money. Meet lots of people and can see different states. Sometimes, staff at facilities treat u awful while others are welcoming.

- Rhonda C

Now it’s your turn! Share in the comments section below your feedback on travel nursing.


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