We Need To Check On Each Other

A recent Facebook post by Nurse Dana P. is a great reminder that we need to check on each other. Check out the post below and comment below to share how you check on your fellow healthcare warriors.

There’s this thing nurses and CNAs do when we’re on a hospital floor….

We walk past each other in the halls, swiftly on the way to a patient room or to pull medications or to grab supplies, and when we make eye contact, we say, “You okay? You need anything? You good?”
We could be drowning in our own patient load, but we STILL check on each other. A nurse may have an armful of supplies on the way to change a dressing with two other patients waiting to be medicated, but a coworker needs help moving a patient, they stop to help then keep going.
We check on each other because…

- some things we just can’t do alone. And sometimes we’re stuck ‘til we can get help.
- we may be struggling but someone else may be struggling worse.
- at the end of the day, we’re all in it together. All the patients belong to all of us.
I lost a friend a few years ago much too young. I remotely watched his funeral from a thousand miles away. One of his friends that spoke at the service said he called him usually about once a week. The conversation went like this….

“Hey, man. You good?
“Yeah, I’m good. You good?”
“Yeah, I’m good.”
“Alright. I’ll talk to you later.”
When I look at my social media lately, I see a lot of friends struggling. I suspect your social media looks the same. And rightfully so. We’re living in REALLY hard times. Things are heavy.
We need to check on each other.

You okay?


  1. I agree, there are things u can only talk about with a coworker, even when u have a lot of family support. Some things only a coworker will understand.

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