13 Things That Only A Nurse Would Do

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

"First aid kit"

We asked our fabulous ModernNurse family to fill in the blank after “You know you’re a NURSE when…” and we got some pretty great responses! We think you’ll relate – see below:

You know you’re a NURSE when…

1. When you are calling in for refills of your OWN medications and hit the number for ” If you are a Dr’s office… Press 2″…Then have to explain to the Tech… Opppsss!! LOL! – Sebrina F.

2. When you are waiting until your bladder is going to explode before going to the bathroom, at home. – Katrina R.

3. When you wash your hands *before* using the toilet… – Cris L.

4. When your first aid kit at home is better then the EMT’s – Barbara W.

5.  When you can spot an asthmatic, an ETOH abuser/or drug abuser a mile away. – Kenya M.

6. When you are too tired to be able to fall asleep… and your next shift is 8 hours away. – Melanie M.

7. When you can eat any food and use the bathroom in 5 seconds or less…that’s a seasoned nurse for sure. – Marcia W.

8. Standing up when you eat. – Mary G.

9. When you drive yourself 30 miles to the hospital with kidney stones. – Larissa H.

10. When you point out good veins on people… – Bill D.

11. When you are a psychiatric nurse and you find yourself analyzing people everywhere you go. – Ethelene M.

12. My family has so many nurses that we all use “nursing shorthand” in notes to each other. – Kathy H.

13. When you’re so tired that your hair hurts. – Linda G.

Share your own relatable laughs, groans, and sighs in the comments section below!

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.



  1. You’re an O. R.nurse when every time you wash your hands it’s all the way up to the elbow. No matter where you are!

  2. When a 3yr old is telling the mother she’s tired of waiting in the ER and needs to leave…who’s the parent…?

  3. You know your an OR nurse when you hate the word “quite” you just have been jinxed. You have call on a night with a full moon and pay day its all over….just pack a bag with food it will be a long night

  4. When you work nights and answer your home/cell phone stating your unit and name. Confuses the heck out of people!

  5. When your family and friends call you, text you or visit you to ask you a clinical question.

  6. When you are sleeping and you hear a sudden loud noise. You wake up and run towards a patient’s room, just to realized you are at home and your kids are playing in the livingroom.

  7. You know you’re an OR nurse when you hand a knife or scissors to someone like a surgical instrument. Safety first and always!!

  8. When you cut yourself at home (ie-cutting vegetables); clean it; then steri-strip and glove the hand with the cut; and finish cutting up vegetables.
    (Yes, this recently happened to me.)


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