Nurses Reveal Their Secret Specialty Wish List

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

We’re sure you love your job, patients and coworkers. But let’s just put all of that aside for a minute and play a game of Let’s Pretend. Let’s pretend you could work anywhere in healthcare as a nurse. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been practicing, how much experience you have or what kind of certifications you’ve earned. What specialty would you choose?

We asked the nurses on our Facebook page what specialty they’d choose if they could work any specialty (other than their own), and here are just a few of the responses we received.

“The OR as a scrub nurse!” —Kara O.

“I work the ER and love it. But if I could change, I would be a nurse midwife who does home deliveries.” —Nancy G.

“I’m a telemetry nurse, but would love to try postpartum!” Tammy R.

“I’m currently a cardiac surgical nurse (my dream!!!), but if I ever had to switch, I’ve thought about CICU, trauma or flight nursing.” Rachel S.

“I currently work in pediatrics and teach in a practical nursing program, but I would like to teach at a university.” —Wanda R.

“I’m a CVSU nurse, but would love to work with oncology patients.” Didi N.

“I would return to hospice.” —Daphne S.

“I’ve done med/surg for over 25 years. Maybe surgery.” —Pam V.

“I am a psych nurse, but would like to do surgery.” —Molly S.

“Would love to be a military front-line nurse.” —Robin L.

“Hospice or women’s health clinic. Currently in critical care.” —Diane T.

“I’m a surgery circulator, and the only other place I’d like to try would be the ER.” Teresa F.

“Would love to give pre-op, PACU or post-op a try.” —Renee H.


Now it’s your turn. Are you completely, madly, deeply in love with your specialty and wouldn’t trade it for anything?

Or…would you consider another specialty if given the option? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


  1. I’m a Forensic Nurse Program Coordinator and also Adjunct Faculty for a graduate nursing program… both very interesting and fulfilling nursing roles in my opinion

  2. I am retired now but had the best of 2 specialities. Hospital for 22 years with focus on Cardiac and Critical Care Nursing. Then 13 years of home Hospice care.

  3. I have worked IV infusion home care for almost 30 years. Love it and will stay until I retire. Originally thought I would like OR, but never got there.

  4. I worked in Ortho x 4 years, 25 yrs in psych,currently working in private practice internal medicine office x 5 yes but would love to teach in psych clinical rotation of nursing students.


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