Nursing Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

As seasoned nursing professionals, we all have them. Tried and true nursing hacks that we have developed throughout our career or learned from a mentor and use on a daily basis. So what's yours? Share in the comments section and let's help each other out. Here's a few of our favorite nursing hacks to get the party started:

1. Put an examination glove over your Stethoscope.

2. Use Coca Cola for clogged G Tubes.

3. Glasses sliding down your nose? Use skin prep to keep those peepers in place.

4. Pulling tegaderm and duoderm parallel to the skin to remove it. It stretches and releases the skin nearly painlessly!

5. Use an alcohol swab to lose that pesky IV tubing!!

6. Open the back of a diaper and fill with ice to use as an ice pack. Very flexible for many body parts, and extremely absorbent. We mostly use it for perineum tears!

7. Don’t have a flush? Wrap the IV tubing around your hand a couple of times then twist.

Your turn! Share your favorite nursing hacks in the comments section below.

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Nicole Manthey
2 years ago

Amazing… After 25 years of nursing and I can not believe that we year each other down so much!! People have opinions… Even if it does not agree with yours or with what you would do… Be polite and respectful. Nurses are should be kind and empathetic. Not so judgemental!

Tonya Countryman
4 years ago

Use the plastic sleeve that the TEDS are packaged in to help apply the hosiery. Slip the plastic over the foot >> slip the TEDS over the plastic and pull on.

Cheryl Baum
4 years ago

The only two I would- and have used-are the alcohol and tape item, and the diaper ice bags. The rest? At a loss for words.

4 years ago

My hack is putting the ng tube in the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes to stiffen it up so passing the ng tube thru the nare goes a little easier

Nancy A Huber Palecek
4 years ago

Ring removal without cutting it off: To get a ring off a swollen finger use twill tape or suture. feed a short end between the ring and the fingerthrough the ring medially. Wrap the tape or suture two to three times on the proximal side of the ring. Hold on to the wrapped end and tug with the medial side until the ring moves down the wrapped side. Repeat as needed to remove the ring. No more cutting off of people’s wedding rings!

Cindy Miller
4 years ago

I don’t understand the exam glove over a stethoscope….. why?

And, do we have to bully people on this site too? Don’t you think our patients are rude enough to us, do we have to be rude to each other too?

Alison Chidester RN
4 years ago

You’re a hack nurse if you use most of these hacks, especially the IV and Gtube hacks. Who wouldn’t have a flush?
Coke has been empirically tested to not work as well as warm water on clogs and actually does more harm than good. Of course even better is prevention by flushing tubes per protocol, asking for physician order for more frequent flushes if needed.
Best nurse practice is to follow the SCIENCE of best practice. I would never do anything to a patient I wasn’t willing to chart or testify in court about.

Cynthia Johnson
4 years ago

Oh shut up! It works. It uncloggs the tubes. There is always somebody who thinks they know better! You both must not work regularly with g tubes. In LTC homes and ALTC facilities where you have 10-12 tubes on one unit in one assignment, you need hacks that will help you prevent extra trouble for a patient. You won’t have to put that patient through getting a replacement tube. A peg replacement has to be done medically in the hospital. So, please! Get a life! And give advice like a real/ seasoned nurse would.

Rose Marie VanDee MSN, RN
4 years ago

oh my goodness, we never use anything acidic in a feeding tube as it breaks down the tube that is very outdate but I continue to run into it. Pancreatic enzymes is the best method which is also unflavored meat tenderizer. And never ever use flush by applying pressure to IV tubing you will blow the line.

Lisa Schmidt
4 years ago

Number 2 is not best practice. In some cases the coca cola reacts with the proteins in the formula and makes the clog worse. It’s not worth the risk, so please don’t do it!