Can Nursing Seminars Help Advance Your Career?

Receiving your nursing diploma should not put the brakes on your medical education. Of course you are learning at least something new every day as you work through a shift, but as a nurse there is a world of information and resources available to you. Seminars for example provide a fantastic environment for learning about advancements in your field, leadership skills and just about anything else related to the medical industry.

The health care system in the United States is evolving rapidly, demanding more from a nurse as insurers look for ways to cut their own cost. In this changing environment, your career and the level of patient care you provide is dependent on your ability to be able to enhance your education and skills. Nursing seminars or conferences are one way to accomplish this, while at the same time exposing you to a diverse peer group.

A nursing seminar can be a one-day or multi-day event that focuses on one aspect of the industry. These are designed to be interactive educational experiences, where you can learn new treatment strategies and medical techniques from experts in the field. Nursing leadership seminars are also readily available and are invaluable when it comes to understanding the role and fulfilling the various responsibilities.

What Will You Achieve By Attending a Nursing Conference?

Nursing seminars will benefit you professionally and personally in a number of different ways:

Continued Education and Development of New Skills: You have the opportunity to learn about multiple advancements at one place when you attend a nursing conference. You could be exposed to various presentations, all designed to introduce nurses to the latest technologies and equipment. You could even attend a seminar that focuses on your chosen specialty. This is the best environment for a seasoned nurse to stay caught up on emerging medical advances and practices.

Advancing Your Career as a Nurse: Conference attendance looks fantastic on a resume, as it shows a commitment to the profession and desire to excel in your position. Employers will appreciate your willingness to continue seeking an education, even though you have already earned the degree. If you participate in a conference that focuses on new equipment or techniques, volunteer at your facility to teach other nurses how they work. This could put you in line for a promotion, raise in pay or even a better job placement.

Advancing the Nursing Profession: As more nurses strive to continue their education and advance their own knowledge, the more the industry is recognized as a scientific profession. This acknowledgement of nursing as a respected profession shows a higher level of commitment from the members and just cause for reimbursing them with higher pay and premium benefits.

Networking with Peers and Experts: When you are a part of a live nursing seminar you are given the opportunity to meet and interact with dozens of other nurses and experts in the field. A nursing conference will likely have researchers, clinicians or scientists in attendance who are lecturing on their own specialty. In most cases you can speak with them, if not one on one then in a question and answer session, and even share your own thoughts and insights on the chosen topic. There is also the chance to spend time with nursing peers who are not just a part of your normal work day. You can share ideas and strategies with these new contacts, learn how other medical institutions deal with issues that you face, and even get an idea of what the nursing job outlook looks like in other parts of the country.

Nursing Seminars for CEU Credits

Some states require that a nurse continues their education after receiving a diploma in order to maintain their license to practice. Depending on the seminar you choose, it could qualify as one of those credits. Even an employer sponsored seminar could be counted as a Continuing Education Unit credit, so make sure that you get receipt that you attended these as well.

If you are trying to obtain a higher degree, such as a MSN while working as a nurse, seminars and conferences may also count as a credit towards your diploma. Check with your education provider to see if they offer special seminars for students, or which ones qualify as extra credit for your courses.

The nursing profession is in position to take off as the demand for qualified professionals in the field continues to rise. Position yourself academically by signing up for various conferences and seminars, and you could find yourself in a position where your knowledge, skills and work ethic are being highly sought after.

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This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


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