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27 Reactions Every Nurse Experiences In A 12-Hour Shift

If you’re a nurse, you’ll be all too familiar with these common reactions nurses experience on the job. Prepare yourself! Things are about to get...
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Stock Photo Nurses Vs. Real Nurses

If anybody’s got it easy, it’s stock photo nurses. Sure, they all have really white teeth, which makes them pretty nice to look at, but...
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A Nurse’s Version of a No Good, Very Bad Day

You set your alarm clock for 5pm (you meant to set it for 5am). Your roommate is considering waking you, but the last time...
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New Words Added To OxfordDictionaries.com

Binge-watch, cray, and vape are just a few of the new words added to OxfordDictionaries.com.  Reflecting research into current language usage trends, other entries...
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Top 10 Nursing School Memes

Trying to survive nursing school with your sanity and sense of humor?  Maybe a few of our favorite nursing school memes can help bring...
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Wackiest Pet Names Of 2015

The results are in – Baron Von Furrypants nosed out Artoo Dogtoo and Leonardo DiCatprio purred past Fuzz Lightyear to be named the Wackiest...
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Need A Good Laugh?

Need a good belly laugh after having one of those days?  Check out a few of our favorite nursey internet memes.  Enjoy!          
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16 Feelings Every Nursing Student Experiences

Anyone who has attended or is currently attending nursing school knows that it can be an emotional roller coaster at times. (Okay, all of the time!)...
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12 Signs That It’s Time To Take A Nurse Vacation

If you find yourself doing any of these things throughout your day, it may be time to submit your vacation request…STAT!   1  You see pictures of your non-nurse friends...
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Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

If you’ve ever treated a “frequent flyer” patient with a case of “Nintendo thumb” or “Avatar blues,” you may be familiar with this list...


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