Tell Me You’re A Nurse Without Telling Me You’re A Nurse

Here’s a fun, lighthearted nurse exercise to brighten your day. Tell me you’re a nurse without telling me you’re a nurse! I’ll go first: Oh I love this pen, I'm taking it!

My snack of choice is Graham crackers and peanut butter. My feet ache constantly. I get yelled at for 12 hours for not bringing pain meds in on time. 🙃 - Chelsea A.

What day is this, Saturday or Tuesday? - Patricia P.

I run solely on coffee and silent rage and constantly feel the need to sleep all the time even though that will literally never happen. - Adriana C.

When I wake up in the morning I swear I had dreams of alarms going off all night. - Missy V.

Black scrubs is my little black dress. - Penny G.

When kids ask for a tylenol I don't touch, I pour into a med cup or lid. - Kim D.

I’m diagnosing you for mental health disorders at all times. - Tina S.

You had a bowel movement what size and consistency. - Molly M.

Outside of scrubs, I don’t know what to wear 😂. - Joanna B.

My stomach is the size of a marble, my bladder can hold 1000cc with no difficulty, and this week I tried to open my house with my car keys. - Tracy L.

All of the Christmas gifts get wrapped in medical tape. - Angel S.

I now have the ability to cat nap for ten minutes without closing my eyes. - Melissa J.

I tried to badge into my back door this morning after a 12 hour midnight shift. - Judy W.

I walk backwards toward the door ...multiple - Melissa T.

I knock before I walk in a room AT HOME! 🤣😂. - Julie S.

I have 10 pairs of $150 shoes and none of them are right. - Jessica B.

Some people think I’m motivated by pizza. 🤪 - Cindy L.

Your turn! Tell me you’re a nurse without telling me you’re a nurse…in the comments section below. Or share which one is your favorite!



  1. I retired in September & I still answer my home phone with my work ID.
    ps: How to stop a conversation with someone you just met when they ask you what you do: “I’m a Hospice nurse. Kills a lot of potential relationships as well.

  2. I’ve been known to sign checks with my credentials behind it. I have a lifetime supply of alcohol wipes and I’ve said to total strangers “wow, I’d love to stick a needle in those veins”!

    • I have done that as well. I also find myself noting apparent symptoms of people I see in stores. I do NOT approach them.

  3. *I haven’t worked as an RN for over 25 years.
    *I see veins in arms while shopping & decide what size needle I should use.
    *I still have my favorite pen (with refills) that I wouldn’t let anyone touch when I worked in the ER. If you want to borrow a pen from me, you’ll get a cheap one from a hotel. I used to carry them in my pockets because the residents were always asking. I still do.
    *I still do patient teaching.
    *I use disposable gloves in the kitchen. I still miss my 7.5 ortho gloves I wore in the OR.
    *I go ballistic when people feel better & they stop taking their antibiotics.
    *Too many other little habits that don’t go away.
    ***Believe it when someone says, once a nurse, always a nurse. It doesn’t go away!***

  4. I can talk about poop and vomit while simultaneously shoving pizza in my mouth.

    You have to be unconscious or bleeding to be taken to the hospital in my house.

  5. What is today? Only I get calls from my friends about what their doctor said and what their labs mean! What is sick leave? I inhale coffee, and before I can sleep must take melatonin! is that your pen? More bladder infections per year than anyone else in my primary care doctors office. Am I the only one who knows this isn’t the Hilton?! I do NOT want to work on the full moon!

  6. You know you are in a nurse’s break room by the fridge. 100 yogurts in various stages of expiration ranging from the advent of yogurt to “hey a month is not so bad, It a culture, Right”? There will be a few cheese sticks thrown in for good measure. Those lunches were packed with good intentions. Then the day gets out from under you or everyone orders pizza and it was all over. Don’t even think about checking expiration dates on the frozen dinners. It’s likely some have been there since before you were born.

  7. I’m in the grocery line and I looking at the persons legs in front of me with +3 pitting and I wonder if she took her diuretic.

    • They don’t take their diuretics until they get home from shopping so they don’t have to find the bathroom first every time they go into a store. I was home care & Hospice nurse for 2 months shy of 28 years. Had to do a lot of teaching.

  8. I have finished eating my meal at a restaurant by the time the rest of my family puts there straw in there drink and have eyeballed everyone’s veins incase an IV is needed

  9. Your child’s school nurse calls and you ask is the limb still on the playground and you tell them bleeding control is not a band aid

  10. Of course it’s the veins – it’s always the veins. Whoever I am having a conversation with – in person of course – my eyes inevitable wander to the arms to check the best vein.


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