A Few Of Our Favorite Memes…




4.Meme about people being stupid in the midst of Coronavirus



7.Funny meme about properly staying at hoem during quarentine

8.Meme about a the world needing a good St Olaf Story

9.Previously bearded men standing beardless warning the Coronavirus

10.Meme about COVID-19 nurse being the captain of the ship

11.Funny meme about dinosaurs taking over the world during pandemic






17.Funny meme about nurses charting the non-compliance of citizens

18.Meme about nurses having to come home half naked

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  1. One our nurses went to the bathroom and drop med box keys in toiler while it was flushing it was only set of keys !!!!!!!!!!

    • Check with your DON;…there is supposed to be another set “somewhere” and they should know where it’s at.

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