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You Won’t Believe These Strange Patient Superstitions!

Every nurse has at least one superstition…being afraid of the “Q” word is practically a given! We know patients are bound to be superstitious,...
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A Nurse’s Many Workday Priorities…In Memes!

Nurses have full schedules—and we mean full schedules. Which is why a nurse becomes well acquainted with his or her daily priorities, and fast. What’s...
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Bitten by a Turkey? There’s an ICD-10 code for that!

It's bigger, it's badder, it's more billable medical codes than you could ever imagine.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's the newest iteration of  the “International Classification of Diseases”! The...
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16 Sure Signs That You’re A Nurse

. How Do You Know You’re a Nurse?  Here are 16 surefire ways to tell! . 1  When you show up to work on your off day for a...
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New Words Added To

Binge-watch, cray, and vape are just a few of the new words added to  Reflecting research into current language usage trends, other entries...


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