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30 Day Readmission Rates to U.S. Hospitals

Hospital readmissions can sometimes feel like a revolving door.  Now a new study from AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) is shedding light...
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The Art of Ethics in Compliance & Clinical Activities

Home care and hospice organizations working to maximize their quality of care and financial performance are placing increasing emphasis on the development of ethics...
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Nurses Request Discussion on Health Effects of Climate, Environment Crisis

Leaders of unions representing leading nurses and other healthcare workers in 18 countries from every major continent requested a meeting with Pope Francis during his...
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Six Nursing Lessons on Death and Opioid-Induced Respiratory Compromise

Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) released six lessons on death and opioid-induced respiratory compromise in honor of the death anniversary of 17-year...
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I’m So Tired: Treating Fatigue Naturally

We have all experienced fatigue, at one time or another. Some of us may experience it often. If you are perpetually tired, then I...
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What Makes A Good Patient?

Patients and health care providers share a very personal relationship. Doctors need to know a lot about their patients, their family, and lifestyle to...
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I Can’t Get No, Patient Satisfaction!

The United States healthcare industry has experienced more changes in the last three years than it has since the advent of Medicaid and Medicare...
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Millennials Connect With Telemedicine

Age makes a difference when it comes to knowledge and acceptance of telemedicine which is gaining attention from providers and regulators for its potential...
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How Zebrafish Are Helping Improve Bone Marrow Transplants

You read that right --zebrafish are helping reveal drugs that may improve bone marrow transplants.  Using large-scale zebrafish drug-screening models, researchers at Boston Children's Hospital...
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Complementary, Alternative, or Integrative Health: What’s In a Name?

We’ve all seen the words “complementary,” “alternative,” and “integrative,” but what do they really mean? Complementary Versus Alternative Many Americans—more than 30 percent of adults and about 12...


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