12 Things To Be Thankful For This Holiday Season

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

googleplus If anybody knows just how much there is to be thankful for, it’s a nurse. We asked the folks on our Facebook page to fill us in on the things they’re feeling pretty darn grateful for in 2016, and their responses made us feel all the feelings.

>“I am thankful that nursing school will finally be done on December 8th when I get my RN pin!”

Heather A.


>"To finally be out of nursing school with ‘RN’ behind my name!”

—Bethany T.


>"Chocolate. That’s it, just chocolate.”

—Chris H.


>"Thankful for those who respect nurses…”

—Yinfen H.


>I am thankful to be cancer-free for nearly 14 years, for my long and rewarding nursing career, and mostly for my wonderful best friend, whose family has become mine.”

—Patricia B.


>“To have a job I am passionate about and that it allows me to care for my daughter.”

—Janice E.


>“My kids, without question. Oh, and finishing my RN next month…”

—Sarah V.


>“My family, job and friends!”

—Kelly M.


>“My patients.”

—Karmei S.


>“I am so thankful for people’s ability to do good. I am thankful that I have the desire and the ability to continue my education.”

—Amanda S.


>“Being a hospice nurse, I am thankful that I have the ability to be walking without assistance, eating without nausea, living without pain and breathing without difficulty.”

—Scarlett W.


>“I am thankful I have a job I love. I am thankful I have a family that loves all of me. And I am thankful I am healthy!”

—Lee Ann B.

What are YOU thankful for this holiday season? Tell us what you're grateful for in a comment below.

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


  1. Thankful to be a retired RN, married to a retired RN, who gets to do 4-6 mission trips,per year. On mission trips, I can be a nurse and bring Jesus to people all over the world!!!

  2. Thankful to be alive, to have life, to know how to have joy, pleasure in company of friends/family, sorrow, emphaty/ compassion in my job, my health and never stop believing in the blessings and goodness from our Lord, that there is always love, hope in many forms………at times missing, but just in front of our eyes.

  3. I am thankful that I work for a faith-based hospital that puts the patients first and allows me to provide for my patients as people, but illnesses and injuries

  4. Extremely thankful for my health for once it’s gone, life gets tough. THankful my family is healthy and thankful my job has shown me how difficult it can be once your health deteriorates.

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