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How Do I Deal With Certification Exams?

First, congratulations! Taking a certification exam is a major step, one that sets you apart as a dedicated expert. It has taken a lot...
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A Major Trash-Talking “FAIL”

So you have a gastroenterologist, an anesthesiologist and a medical assistant…. Sounds like the beginning of a tawdry joke for the medically inclined, doesn’t it?...
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Nurse Eye Roll: Post Operative Nursing Care Basics

You are rocking through your shift, feeling awesome because you kind of know what you’re doing now, and your charge nurse comes up to...

Are You a Healthy Lifestyle Role Model At Work?

The American Nurses Association has announced its new HealthyNurse program is now available to all registered nurses. HealthyNurse strives to actively encourage RNs to become role...
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Perspectives: Epic Flood Creates Everyday Heroes

For the most part, our days can be fairly routine. We take our seat in our warm office chair, log-in at our cube, or...
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If Nurse Stock Photos Could Speak: 10 Captions That’ll Crack You Up!

Ever wonder what nurses might be saying if their stock photo images could speak? Now you don’t have to. Is this nursing heaven? But wait,...

Rediscover the Joy of Being a Nurse

Need a Resilience Roadmap? –Time To Read “Rediscover The Joy Of Being A Nurse” We all know that being a nurse is not an easy...

Resolutions, Schmezolutions: 9 Resolutions No Nurse Would Ever Make

Does anybody even make New Year’s resolutions anymore? Isn’t everybody perfect by now? I thought that was how it worked: You resolved a few...
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At-Home Job Options for Seasoned Nurses

Nursing may be the career of a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it will last a lifetime. In fact, this job is hard on...
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How To Improve Communication In The Hospital

Communication between doctors, nurses, and other members is vital in today’s high-tech, high-stress health care system. According to one study from the National Center...


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