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I’m So Tired: Treating Fatigue Naturally

We have all experienced fatigue, at one time or another. Some of us may experience it often. If you are perpetually tired, then I...

Should Nurses Be Required to Complete a Residency Program?

In November of 2010 a report was released that focused on the future of nursing and advancing health care through them. A number of...
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Nurse Bling: Coffee ‘n’ Tea, Tea ‘n’ Coffee

. Fall is around the corner, and colder weather isn’t far behind. The good news? Coffee and tea (aka nurse fuel) are officially acceptable in doses...
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Top 10 Ways Nurses Boost Their Moods on the Job

More code browns than you can count? Patients driving you up the wall? Tired of being, well, tired? We feel ya! Nursing’s a tough...

Which Day Would You Relive?

Sure, all nurses have had some bad days on the job that they’d like to forget, but they’ve also had days that they will remember for...
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Happy Hospital Halloween – Spooky Stuff For Nurses

With Halloween right around the corner, nurses need to get in the spirit of the season! We’ve exhumed a whole list of medical themed...

Top 10 Things This Nurse Is Thankful For

For nurses, being thankful is a state of being. We spend our time at work and away from work thinking on how fortunate we...
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“The Specialty Where Nurses Laugh the Most Is…”

Nursing is an undeniably tough job, but it sure has its moments of humor, too. After all, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying! We...
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5 Powerful Tips to Handle Technology Changes in Nursing (and Not Go Crazy!)

Things are changing. Fast. It seems like every time you turn around at work, there’s new technology: new ways to document, upgrades to the...
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10 Things A Nurse Would NEVER Say!

As a nurse, you probably feel like you repeat yourself ALL the time with every new patient who comes onto your unit. So just for fun...


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