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Nurse Eye Roll: Nurses – Protect Your Back!

After you land your first nursey job, you’ll sit through a long orientation.  You’ll have just come back from lunch in a food coma,...

Did you read it? -‘A Thousand Naked Strangers’

With over 10 years spent driving an ambulance in Atlanta, former paramedic Kevin Hazzard has accumulated some amazing stories -from rescuing people from choking, overdoses,...

20 Bad Behaviors That Will Tick Off Your Coworkers!

Here are some ways to really tick off your fellow nurses. I’d suggest entering into the following bad behaviors at your own risk! 1. Order...

Nurses Go Clique-ety Clique

Heard at the lunch table on campus the other day, “I sometimes miss working in the mill”. This spawned quite the conversation, I must tell...
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Let’s Talk Understaffing … Just Don’t Say “Understaffing”

Last month, an interesting article was published in The New York Times describing the frustration that many nurses know all too well: understaffing. We’ve seen many...
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Practice Safe Posting Online

Social media can be a truly wonderful outlet for nurses. You work in a profession that’s notorious for high-stress situations, with little to no opportunity to...
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Did you read it? — “Why is the U.S. perpetually short of nurses?”

If you’re growing weary of all the chatter about the current and future nurse shortage, especially when so little is being done to trigger...

What is the #1 Trait of a Good Nurse?

Ever wonder what fellow nurses deem to be the #1 important trait of a good nurse? There are certainly numerous invaluable traits that a...

Why I Hope My Patients Hate Me

That got your attention, didn’t it!? Now, before you fly off the handle, let me explain. As nurses, our job is to improve the patient’s...
"Medical Test"

10 Most Unnecessary And Overused Medical Tests and Treatments

We know you are going to have opinions about this...Unnecessary medication. Tests that don't reveal the problem, or uncover a "problem" that isn't really...


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