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Perspectives: A Standing Date

Every two weeks for the past six years, I have had a standing date with my dear friend Sonja.  I look forward to seeing Sonja...
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Work-Life Fit Linked to Employee Engagement, Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Contrary to popular belief, work-life balance and work flexibility issues aren't primarily women's issues.  In fact, in some cases it is men who use...

Breast Cancer Risks For Nurses

  A new breast cancer study led by nurse Karen E. Greco, RN, PhD, ANP-BC, titled “Mammography Decision Making in Older Women With a Breast Cancer Family...

More Indispensable Nursing Gear

Nurses are creatures of habit. The interesting thing is that nursing produces some very different habits from all facets of our profession. There are...

Top 10 Nurse Myths That Need To Go Away!

I recently was doing a little research for school when I realized there are some common and popular nurse/nursing myths out there. It seems...
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16 Sure Signs That You’re A Nurse

  . How Do You Know You’re a Nurse?  Here are 16 surefire ways to tell! . 1  When you show up to work on your off day for a...
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3 Big Challenges Every Nurse Must Face

Every nurse faces career challenges. Sometimes they’re small, like whether to buy a particular brand of shoe that absolutely everybody in the ICU is...

How To Still Be A Good Parent While In Nursing School

Let’s face it: nursing school is a big commitment and a lot of work. Whether you have already started school or are waiting to...

7 Signs The Joint Commission Is On Your Unit!

Does your unit suddenly seem much cleaner than usual? Are all the med carts–gasp!–fully stocked for the first time in weeks? Right, the Joint...
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10 Most Unnecessary And Overused Medical Tests and Treatments

We know you are going to have opinions about this...Unnecessary medication. Tests that don't reveal the problem, or uncover a "problem" that isn't really...


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