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A List Of Rules For Nurses … From 1887

Whether you’re a new nurse or a seasoned nurse, it’s always intriguing to take a look back at the history of the nursing profession....
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How To Spot A Nurse At A Backyard Party

Here's a fun game to try at the next barbecue, tailgate or cookout you attend.  You might think it would be difficult, but it’s...

Too Many Hours, Too Little Sleep

There’s a lot of talk these days about how detrimental it is for hospital patients to have their sleep interrupted. Given all we know about...
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The 8 Best Hand Products For Nurses

  Clap your hands and give a cheer to the 8 best hand products for nurses!   Out Damned Spot We love multitasking beauty products because they save you...

The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned After My First 10 Years of Nursing

Nurses, some pearls of wisdom from Aunt Aggie… 1 If you have to mess with it, it’s wrong. Everybody’s heard the story of the nurse who connects...
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10 Things I Wish Nurses Would Remember

Sometimes the tables turn and we find ourselves on the other side of the health care equation --as the patient or alongside a friend...
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10 Emotions Every Nurse Experiences at the End of a Shift

. Ah, yes—the final sprint to the finish line at the end of a 12-hour shift. A time as terrifying as it is hopeful. Of course, no two...
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Supercomputers Help Identify Brain Tumors

Primary brain tumors encompass a wide range of tumors depending on the cell type, the aggressiveness, and stage of tumor. Quickly and accurately characterizing...
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Are Beards A DO Or DON’T In Nursing?

Are beards a health hazard in the nursing profession? Or just an expression of style that doesn’t hinder the job in any way? A...

Snow Day For Nursing?

I live in southern California, land of sunny summers almost all year long. Right?  WRONG! I was driving home today when the rain hitting...


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