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Need A Good Laugh?

Need a good belly laugh after having one of those days?  Check out a few of our favorite nursey internet memes.  Enjoy!          

Survey Finds Americans Value Mental Health and Physical Health Equally

Nearly 90 percent of Americans value mental health and physical health equally, yet about one-third find mental health care inaccessible, and more than four in...

The One Mistake Every Nurse Shouldn’t Make

So I know when you read the title all you could think about was ‘what is it??!’ Anyone who is a nurse or on...
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3 Specialties That Will Be BIG In The Future

Nursing—and medicine itself—is becoming increasingly specialized as new technologies are developed and as different conditions become more prevalent. It’s hard to know whether that...
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Podcast: Preventative Healthcare Practices May Prevent Blood Clots in Patients

According to the CDC, an estimated 60,000-100,000 Americans die annually of venous thromboembolism, commonly known as blood clots. The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety has...

Oh, she was just TOBP. Wait—what?

There are some things nurses just can’t say out loud. Which is why developing a secret nurse code is not only practical, it’s downright necessary. That’s where...

Can Nurses Have Fun Without Risking It All?

I’ve previously mentioned that, as health care professionals, we are never really “off the clock.” Some health care professionals have discovered the hard way...
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12 Memorable “First-Time” Nurse Moments

Nursing is a profession filled with first-time experiences. For better or for worse, we’re pretty sure they never come to a stop. Then there are...
"Vaccine vials"

One Vaccine Injection Could Carry Many Doses

Leave it to good ol' MIT to potentially revolutionize drug and vaccine delivery. Are you ready for this? MIT engineers have invented a new 3-D...
"In a hamock reading a book on a sunny day"

Vacation Better: How To Plan A Budget-Friendly Nurse Vacation

Nurses, you work hard — harder than most. And we don’t need to tell you that those carefree “sand and sun moments” come few and...


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