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A Major Trash-Talking “FAIL”

So you have a gastroenterologist, an anesthesiologist and a medical assistant…. Sounds like the beginning of a tawdry joke for the medically inclined, doesn’t it?...
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Back Pain, Be Gone—5 Tips for Nurses

Back pain.  Among nurses, it’s at least enemy #3, if not #2 or even #1. What’s worse, nurses don’t exactly have the luxury of...

How To Prepare For A Workplace Romance

It’s one of those ‘under the breath’ hush-hush topics that is usually only discussed in the break room or behind closed doors. The dating...

The Safest And Healthiest Ways To Vent At Work

It’s not like being a nurse is stressful or anything. Right? (insert sarcasm). I mean c’mon our day at work is all about everything...
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10 Nurse Bloopers As Told By Nurses

We all know that to err is human, and can give us a chuckle in the meantime. And while it may be considered bad...
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Let’s Talk Understaffing … Just Don’t Say “Understaffing”

Last month, an interesting article was published in The New York Times describing the frustration that many nurses know all too well: understaffing. We’ve seen many...
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Did you read it? — “Just credit where credit is due”

It was only recently that the phrase “just a nurse” was really taken to ask—and on a national level. But as author, nurse and...
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5 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Land Your Next Nurse Job

While social media is certainly a powerful force in many aspects of our everyday lives, it may not seem like the most obvious tool...

Beyond Direct Patient Care: Five Nursing Specialties to Consider

Being a nurse does not have to involve direct patient care. Nurses have a number of career options available to them if they want...

Why Did You Become A Nurse?

Or, alternately, “Why do you want to be a nurse?” This is one of those ‘character’ entrance questions most of us get when we apply...


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