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Healthcare Organizations Lag Behind In Digital Health Strategy

According to a recent global survey, most healthcare organizations have yet to implement or successfully launch a digital health strategy. Digital health is information technology,...

A Nurse’s Confession About Staffing And Infection Rates

An NBC News article titled “Burned-out nurses linked to more infections in patients,” discussed the link between patient infection rates and their correlation to...

15 CRAZY Minutes In My Workday. How Does Yours Compare?

The other day, I had one of “those” shifts. I’ve mentioned before that I’m married to a nurse; this was one of those days...

Why I Hope My Patients Hate Me

That got your attention, didn’t it!? Now, before you fly off the handle, let me explain. As nurses, our job is to improve the patient’s...

Are You Making These 5 Big Communication Mistakes?

Communication is the foundation of everything we do. It’s how we implement our interventions, how we coordinate tertiary care and how we educate everyone...

Donald Trump Releases Healthcare Reform Plan

Below, presidential candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio argue about Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare. This article was originally published on CNN. Donald Trump on Wednesday...

New Study Sheds Light on Racial Differences In Trust of Physicians

A new Emory University study could help provide a clearer understanding of why black and Latino patients are less likely to trust their physicians than...

5 Best Snacks To Get You Through Those 12-Hour Shifts

As a nurse, you’re probably working long shifts. Whether you love them or hate them, one thing is for sure: 12-hour shifts make for...
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YOUR Stories, Our Memes, Countless LOL Moments

Nurses have the best stories….But sometimes, words just don’t do them justice. So we thought we might tweak a story or two (or three) so...
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Top 6 Tips For Avoiding Burnout

Whether you’re a nurse, student, or parent, we all face the same challenge: time. In a profession that revolves around caring for others, it’s...


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