2021 Freebies & Discounts For Healthcare Workers

    As a way of thanking Healthcare Workers and First Responders working along the front lines to help with the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses are offering free offers and discounts. Below is a list of current offers. Check back regularly to see new additions and share any deals/discounts you find in our comments section below!

    Dunkin’ Donuts
    The deal: Dunkin’ offers free coffee to healthcare workers for National Nurses Day.
    When: Thursday, May 6

    • Adidas: 30% off for all medical professionals, including nurses.
    • Asics: 40% off full-priced products for all medical professionals in the U.S, including doctors, nurses, technicians and medical researchers.
    • Bose: Get a special discount on orders of $199+ for medical providers and nurses.
    • Brooklyn Bedding: 25% off and free shipping for all medical professionals in the U.S.
    • Clarks: Get a special discount for all medical professionals, including nurses.
    • Dooney & Bourke: 15% off all nurses and doctors.
    • Helly Hansen: 50% for all healthcare professionals in the U.S (valid through March 31, 2021).
    • HSN: 15% off a single-item purchase for all healthcare workers (valid through March 31, 2021).
    • Lenovo: 5% off for all medical professionals.
    • Levi's: 25% off for all licensed medical professionals in the U.S.
    • L.L. Bean: 15% off for all medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, technicians, medical researchers, hospital workers and other professionals in the medical field.
    • Madewell: 15% off for medical professionals in the U.S.
    • Nike: 20% off for all medical professionals in the U.S.
    • Puma: 20% off for nurses, doctors and medical professionals.
    • Reebok: 40% off for medical and hospital workers.
    • Rothy's: 20% off select styles for all medical professionals including doctors, nurses or hospital staff (valid through December 31, 2021).
    • Samsung: Up to 30% off select products for medical professionals, including nurses.
    • Sonos: 15% off Sonos products and accessories for healthcare workers.
    • Sperry: 15% discount for doctors and nurses. Must contact customer service to redeem.
    • Theragun: 20% off a single regularly priced Theragun device or one Theraone CBD product for physicians, nurses, technicians and medical researchers.
    • Tuft & Needle: 15% off for healthcare employees and medical professionals.
    • Under Armour: [Save 20% online for nurses, doctors and healthcare workers.

    Do you know of any freebies or discounts for healthcare providers?

    Please share in the comments section below so we can highlight for your fellow nurses and first responders. Thanks!





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    1 year ago

    I had an idea to make up goody bags for the health care workers i thought of getting some hotels to donated the small bottles of mouthwash , hand lotion some combs toothpaste and brush from dentists health bars tic tab lifesavers chapstick maybe some gatorade if you ever have worn a mask you know how dry your mouth gets how chapped your lips get Maybe a hotel would even gibe us a space to assemble this with some else donating the bags and supplies maybe nabisco the some snack kind health bars hershey some candy bars I live in… Read more »

    1 year ago

    BP is offering $0.50 off per gallon of gas for healthcare workers/first responders when you go to their website. You register with your healthcare credentials and they give you a code….my friend tried it yesterday and it worked! She paid $0.95/gal here in East Tennessee!

    1 year ago

    Big Lots 15% off until April 30

    1 year ago

    please update the freebies list. it looks like most have expired. thank you.

    Tonja Metcalf
    1 year ago

    10% off purchases at Dollar General with ID.

    MJ Meniado
    1 year ago

    Marriot and Hilton hotel offers free room for up to a month to front liners

    1 year ago

    Wawa provides Free coffee for all healthcare workers, first responders and police officers.

    Ashley Oswald
    7 months ago

    Lululemon offers 25% off everything for nurses! Just show your badge.

    1 year ago

    AT&T is offering 3 free months of service to first responders under their first responder network. I’m not sure of the details.
    I asked Verizon if they were going to match this so they told me they will be offering, starting 4/23 for nurses/ first responders, teachers. 30/month unlimited up to 4 lines.

    1 year ago

    I have been getting free coffee from Circle K convenience stores for a couple weeks. Thank you Circle K! Not all appear to be participating, though…Thanks to those who are, one in Rumford, Maine, and one in Manchester, Maine for certain.

    1 year ago

    Big Lots 15% off

    carol stevens
    1 year ago

    Circle k is giving free coffee to front line workers

    Tara Shepersky
    1 year ago

    Here is a post from a local mobile tire shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I used them to put tries on my truck before this last winter, and it was great. This is great to see with all the extra hours health and safety workers are working and the need to keep social distancing. Here is the special from Paul, the owner of Tread Connection, found on the company Instagram page “I want to thank our first responders and health care workers, by offering my services to you. Free Flat Repairs, and if you need tires purchase them from me and… Read more »

    Heather Steelman
    1 year ago

    Rothy’s is giving discount for nurses, first responders and teachers.

    1 year ago

    McDonalds is giving a free Thank you meal from 4/22-5/5.

    Susan Cash
    1 year ago

    AAA is offering free emergency roadside assistance to healthcare workers and first responders in North and South Carolina through 4/30. https://www.cbs17.com/community/health/coronavirus/aaa-offers-free-roadside-assistance-to-first-responders-and-healthcare-workers-in-north-and-south-carolina/

    Shannon Welch
    1 year ago

    Dunkin’ Donuts giving free coffee to all first responders/ health care professionals.

    2 months ago

    Att first responders and healthcare discount on selected plans

    Karin M Klawender
    3 months ago

    Beacon and Bridge gives healthcare workers $0.25 coffee

    gretchen schmeisser
    4 months ago

    I got a huge discount on my IKON ski pass for 21/22.. Also discounts through black diamond online.

    4 months ago

    Overstock.com is waiving the membership fee of $20 for a yearly membership which then allows you to gain rewards !!! GREAT rewards program

    J J
    6 months ago

    MSC Cruises is offer 20% off any cruise for healthcare workers

    7 months ago

    Verizon has a discount for nurses

    Caroline Sanders
    9 months ago

    The See’s Candies in Clovis, CA has always provided a discount on their boxes to first responders and teachers. WE thank you!

    Caroline Sanders
    9 months ago

    Big Lots is a retail store that offers 15% off to first responders. Please check your area for this offer.

    10 months ago

    Carhartt is offering a 25% discount to Military, first responders and nursing personnel. Nursing licenses are verified through ID.me.

    1 year ago

    Spinx gas stations are still offering free coffee! Fancy or plan
    I live in Greenville, SC

    Karla Price RN
    1 year ago

    When will this be updated. Any updates for July 2020?. Appreciate your service

    1 year ago

    Gym Wrap is giving away facemasks for first responders and healthcare workers with ID.

    1 year ago

    I want to thank you for posting these freebies. I was one of the lucky ones who received 2 round trip passes on JetBlue. I have until July 1 2021 to use them. I certainly hope things have improved by then.

    1 year ago

    Big Lots is giving 15% off total balance for essential workers until May 31, 2020 with ID.

    Kelly Otten
    1 year ago

    A lot of these offers have expired. Furbo just tried to sell me a camera at a discount – nothing free there.

    1 year ago

    Dollar General stopped their discount 4-30-2020.

    Mary Helen Dirkes
    1 year ago

    Lady car wash offers free car washes to nurses and first responders

    1 year ago

    Bluebird Botanticals gives 40% off their CBD products to first responders and nurses with special code. Online at their website.

    1 year ago

    Free Verizon Msg: We have nurse discount that will be ready on 4/23. Please go to this link https://www.verizonwireless.com/featured/giving-more/

    1 year ago

    Burger King was giving a free whopper sandwich to nurses.

    1 year ago

    50% northface apparel for healthcare workers and first responders!

    Michele, Shepherd-Tigner
    1 year ago

    BP is giving away 20 gallons of gas to all nurse and physicians. I think for first responders (EMT, police,fire dept) as well.

    1 year ago

    Holiday gas stations are offering free coffee, tea, fountain drinks to healthcare workers, first responders!

    Mariela O
    1 year ago

    Wawa is giving free coffee for first responders:)!

    Laura Hodges
    1 year ago

    Spinx gas stations are giving away free coffee, regular and fancy…I am in Greenville, SC

    Denise Bone
    1 year ago

    It would be even better if 1. Krispy Kreme might do another day other than just Monday, 2. If we could get Chick-Fil-a to give some free food!!!, 3. If we could get some free food from Arby’s and/or Wendy’s, McDonald’s, & KFC! That would be awesome!!!

    Kelly Schierbrock, RN
    1 year ago

    I received an email from GM that they are offering a discount to all First Responders, included healthcare workers. However, they do have on that same email that if you work for Federal, State or Local governments, you may have restrictions on whether or not you can participate in this offer. Most government agencies do have limits of amounts of “gifts” that an employee can accept. Since a person would be utilizing their employer as the reason to quality for these freebies and discounts, this may be considered a gift under Federal policy. It may not hurt to have this… Read more »