More Spooktacular Stories From the Medical Field! What’s Your Scary Story?

It's almost Halloween and even if we can’t go out to a costume party, we can still have a little fun online or at work. Nurses have the best stories! In the spirit of Halloween, we want to hear your shocking, unbelievable, and spooky stories. Tell us in a few sentences an experience you witnessed, heard or happened to you. Share in the comments section below and check back to see what your fellow nurses have shared.


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Virginia Harris
8 months ago

Virginia Harris RN. I was working in CCU on 3-11 shift. As luck would have it we had 2 codes at exactly the same time. One was an elderly lady in room 5 and my pt was a 44 yr old Downs room 1. My pt made it through the code but the lady didn’t but the most interesting point of this story was the next day I returned for a 7-3 shift and Johnny kept asking me where the nice lady went. When questioned about the lady he said we were walking up steps toward a bright light… Read more »

Alan Mayfield
8 months ago

My story is about angels in real life. but it was really scary. I was moonlighting as a phlebotomist in a lab in a hospital in San Diego, while I was in the Navy. I worked weekend nights for a few years. I had friends around the hospital that I would see during my blood drawing trips. One night, there was a lab student working late. I was ready to leave the hospital and head home. I was on the elevator heading for my car with that student. I told the people on the elevator that I was going back… Read more »

Samantha Gray, MSN, ANP-c
8 months ago

When I began my career in the mid-1970’s, jobs for RNs were far and few between so I accepted a position in a state psychiatric facility. 25 years before, a patient had hung himself in one of the rooms on my ward, and because of the associations, no patients were ever allowed to be in that particular room again. It was converted into a huge storage closet for the ward. Then our census went up. We had no place to expand, so the storage closet became part of the men’s dormitory once more. Beds broke, springs poked though perfectly new… Read more »

Sheri Meyer
8 months ago

The hospital in which I first began my career had an old wing, as most hospitals do, but this hospital had been nearly destroyed by a fire over a hundred years prior and only this wing remained. One room had a history of a reflection of a nurse appearing in the window, complete with white cap and gown. It seemed that she was entering the doorway from the hall, directly across from it. You would turn to speak to her but no one was there. She was seen by many people, staff and patients.

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Karen V.
7 months ago

I was working the night shift on a pediatric unit with two wonderful nursing assistants, it was 4 am and time for q4h vitals signs to be taken, after entering a patient’s room, my nursing assistant came out of the room screaming that there was a ghost in the room.
The patient, who was in for a surgical procedure, had recently lost her mother, according to my nursing assistant, the ghost was female and hovering over the patient while she slept. We believed it was the patient’s recently deceased mom.

Cynthia Hawkins
8 months ago

32 years ago, while in my last month of nursing school for my ADN, I was assigned to a Geriatric/Psych floor on swing shift. I had a full assignment of patients but one I will never forget. I had completed his care for the evening and given his evening meds. I turned out his lights and left the room. A few minutes later his call light came on. He asked me to turn out the lights. I assured him the lights were out and again left the room. A few minutes later his call light came on again. He described… Read more »

Tiffany R
8 months ago

I was working at St Johns in Joplin MO, in a Peds unit. Locked unit with wooden doors and security badge required to get in/out. My tech and i are chilling on 10/13, a FRIDAY, watching a scary movie at the desk while our one patient slept. Suddenly, a man walked around the nurses station. Dressed in summer clothes, blonde hair, carrying a beach bag. We stared, confused, because we KNEW who was in the unit. He waved..we waved back, confused. We watched him walk around the nurses station and head for the entrance. We look up as we hear… Read more »

Connie Lapham
8 months ago

In our freestanding ER, we heard a baby cry along the side hall. Those rooms were empty.

Susan Paternoster
8 months ago

As a new nurse working on a Telemetry unit during one 11 to 7 shift, I received a confused patient in 4 point restraints that spoke no English. When ever I would enter the room to check on him, he would call out two words in a type of chanting melody. “Jesus Christo”. Along with his eerie chanting the low night lights in the room would go from dim to light, back to dim to light, over and over. Between the sound of his chanting, who he was chanting for and the repetition of the lights, it was a totally… Read more »

S. S
8 months ago

Beware. Ever play the game, “I have a secret to tell you”. I played this in grade school sitting around in a circle on the play ground. A benign busy story begins and the attempt is to repeat it but it always comes back changed and sometimes worse. Is this a human condition? My story begins with hard work, success, belonging to some of the largest healthcare facilities in the country. I earned my way and used my breaks. Eventually, someone needed my help and I helped them, donated to them, handed them money on the side of the road.… Read more »