Which Would You Choose?

Let's keep it real -things feel pretty heavy right now. Back-to-school craziness, election season drama, and oh by the way we are still in the middle of a pandemic. To keep it light and fun, our question of the week is a 'choose your own adventure' of sorts. So here's the gist -you can pick one of the following options. Only one. Comment below which one you would choose and why and check back to see what your fellow nurses selected.

Which one would you choose? Why?

A. 8 hours of solid sleep every night

B. Your house cleans itself

C. Personal chef

D. A year of free coffee at Starbucks


  1. If you are use to working the night shift, of course 8 hours of solid sleep every night is bliss. In the same vein this would be so difficult as insomnia would frequently be your norm, as your body lies waiting for the brain to follow suit. You just can’t sleep; you feel like your are still on the beat; rounds every 1 to 2 hours.

  2. 8 hours of sleep. I enjoy cleaning it relaxes me. I prefer MCDonalds coffee over Starbucks. And I’m blessed that we all enjoy cooking at my house.

  3. That is difficult to really choose as all have there positives… but I’m going to go with a house that cleans itself like hello the other person is right because if your house does that then you have time for everything else including omg sleep

  4. B) My house cleans its self. Are you kidding you have to ask why? OM gosh! Can you imagine making a wonderful dinner and the kitchen is cleaned automatically…? Who would not want that. Dusting, vacuming, a clean bathroom automatically, that would be heaven. Then I would have the time I needed to sleep. Bed made clothes picked up…Yeah, that would be it for me. Everything in order automatically, A no brainer!

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