What Do Your Street Clothes Say About You? The Psychology of Color

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

For health, safety, and dress code reasons, the majority of us wear scrubs at work. While there are some pretty cute scrubs available from companies like Cherokee and Dickies, it’s still a way of dressing that has some limitations. When you’re off the clock, you can let your sense of style roam free. Whether you dress for comfort and practicality, or you have a unique fashion sense, your street clothes can say a lot about what kind of person you are.

What Your Color Choices Say

Your favorite colors to wear can say a lot about you, whether it’s the color of your scrubs or your favorite outfit for a night out.


Black is a color of fashion, sophistication, and elegance. You have refined tastes, and a keen interest in the fine arts and the humanities. You may have been a “goth kid” in middle school and high school, though chances are, your tastes have matured and become more refined. You may have a serious interest in high fashion, or you may still have a little bit of an alt-fashion flair to the way you dress. Either way, you have one serious sense of style.


Blue is a soothing yet passionate color. You’re a creative maverick who lives by your own rules, but you have a calm, collected vibe. You love a splash of bold color in your life.


You’re a grounded, in-tune kind of person, reflected in your wardrobe’s abundance of soft, soothing earth tones. You may have a warm complexion and tonality to your skin, and earth tones look positively radiant on you, never drab. You’re down to earth, yet intensely inward-looking and introspective.


The basis of a versatile wardrobe is its neutrals. Grey avoids the darkness of black, but also the earthiness of brown. A variety of grey shades sets the stage for the occasional bold pop of color, while giving you a refined and very professional look.

Metallic Silver or Gold

You’re always at the cutting edge of fashion trends — refined, yet unafraid to be bold and unexpected. You have great taste, especially in accessories, and you can pull off the latest on-trend looks with ease at any age.


You’re fun, passionate, and outgoing, and you love being in the spotlight. You have a strong, fiery personality, full of vitality and energy. You’re definitely the life of the party.


You’re warm, friendly, and open-minded, which makes you a hit with all of your patients. You’re great at making their day just a little bit brighter, and you’re the person your friends call when they need a shoulder to lean on.


You’re a girly girl at heart, and you just can’t resist the color pink. You have a cute, playful sense of style that’s feminine, but refined and professional when it needs to be.


You love the finer things, and you have a refined and sophisticated, yet colorful, sense of style. You’re a whiz at keeping things coordinated, and at playing with different colors and color combinations to create new and interesting looks.


You’re optimistic, cheerful, and full of light, just like sunshine. You’re creative, strong-willed, and fun to be around. You’re also highly intelligent, and your affinity for science brought you into nursing — along with your compassion and sense of connection with the people around you.


You have a lot to say when asked, but you’re generally fairly quiet. You’re a natural healer — after all, you became a nurse. You care deeply about the feelings of others, and your empathetic and compassionate nature is part of what makes you such an awesome nurse.


You’re impeccably clean and in love with modern design. Your house or apartment is well decorated, with a sleek, minimal contemporary design aesthetic. You’re a neatnik, and your home and car are always spotless.

Your Sense of Style is Uniquely Your Own

No matter what color scheme you prefer when you’re wearing your street clothes instead of scrubs, your colors and style say a lot about you. You have a sense of fashion that’s uniquely your own, and your street clothes are a chance to let your style shine through.

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This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


  1. Purple is my favorite color; many of my tops have it in them. But, almost all of my tops and sundresses are bright and/vivid colors; and patterns. I am a blue jeans type gal; and, I have bright purple, bright blue, and red jeans as well.
    With non-work clothes I love and want COLOR.


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