Perspectives: Epic Flood Creates Everyday Heroes

For the most part, our days can be fairly routine. We take our seat in our warm office chair, log-in at our cube, or punch in the time clock to kick off our shift.

However, the epic flood in South Carolina is making everyday heroes out of everyday people. The intense rainfall continues to have a catastrophic effect, killing 15 people and leaving billions of dollars in damages.

Many are able to help themselves, but some are not. For instance, the elderly. For some, if care doesn't come – it can mean life or death.

It's times like these when heroes rise up, like Sharon Maralit, an LPN at PruittHealth – Moncks Corner. Her home and car are completely submerged. Yet, her commitment to caring is greater than losing many of her earthly possessions. Hence, she's taking a kayak to the main road – in order to take care of the many seniors that rely on her.

"Many times, our greatest hour as Americans comes in the wake of tragedy. An unyielding spirit of humanity seems to swell within us. I often like to say, we're people taking care of people. I'm unbelievably proud of all our partners in South Carolina for standing tall amidst the chaos. Even though I already see them as heroes, it's stories like this that remind me of our unparalleled dedication to acting as one family that stands united in making a difference," says Neil L. Pruitt, Jr., Chairman and CEO of PruittHealth.

Through Maralit's story, we are reminded that nurses make the difference and our impact can truly change lives.

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