Top 10 Reasons You SHOULD NOT Be A Nurse

We’ve been talking a lot about lists lately. Lists on specific types of nurses. Everything from specialty nurses, student nurses, and even a couple lists on being a male nurse (yeah, had to include that one).

But, on the flip side, not everyone can do what we do. In fact there are certain things about our job that should deter nurse-hopefuls from even making the attempt.

So, here is a list of who shouldn’t be a nurse, become a nurse, or even pursue a career in nursing. I call it the ‘Nursing is not for you’ list.

Who should NOT be a nurse:

If you are doing this for the money.

While some areas of the profession get paid very well, others are borderline free-labor.

If you are doing this for the fame.

Just as a nurse about this one. We are the last person to get credit when and where credit is deserved. A very thankless job.

If you faint at the sight of blood.

I see blood more than I see water most shifts.

If you have a sensitive sense of smell.

We nurses can predict our day and describe our day just with one smell. And we experience some of the worst!

If you like sitting down for your job.

While this doesn’t apply to every nurse, any nurse who works on the clinical floor can’t remember when they actually got to sit down during a shift!

If you have a small bladder or cannot hold your water.

This ranks right up there with sitting down.

If you don’t like change.

It truly is the only constant thing in our profession. I’ve only been doing this for just shy of a decade and wow. So many things have changed and are changing. Some simple, and some much more complex.

If you don’t like continuing education and/or continually learning.

This is part of being a health care professional. You need to keep your knowledge and skill level at par with the innovation curve. If you don’t you risk harming those you care for.

If you don’t have good personal skills (people skills).

You need to be socially competent in order to provide the very best care possible. Skill and knowledge will only get you so far.

Finally, saving the best for last. If you don’t know how to care about your care.

Caring about your care is not something that can ever be taught or learned. You either have it, or you don’t. It’s that simple.

There you have it, a list that has equal parts humor and professionalism.

So, should you be a nurse?

How did we do? Add your own reasons for 'not' becoming a nurse in the comments section below.


  1. You forgot about putting in extra hours, not a 9 to 5 job. You may have planned for a family trip, only to have your patient code 5 minutes before your shift ends.


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