Stop Sleepwalking Through Your Morning Routine

Lather, rinse and keep repeating. According to a recent survey, the shower can have a more positive impact on the rest of you day than you might think. In fact, nine out of 10 American women agree that taking time to enjoy their morning shower transforms the rest of their day AND that it is one of the few times during the day where they get to truly “escape.”

The survey found that after an enjoyable shower experience:

  • 69% of women feel relaxed
  • 56% of women feel prepared for the day
  • 52% of women feel happy
  • 50% of women feel attractive

A Little Escape That’s Worth Every Minute. According to the survey by Herbal Essence, more than half of American women (54%) admitted that being stressed out is the number one reason they are likely to spend more time in the shower than usual over other instances such as a girl’s night out, vacation, or before going to work. Plus, women are willing to do what it takes to sneak in some more time under water with 59% running late at least once per week because they spent too much time in the shower.

The Perfect Recipe to Rock Your Routine: Most American women agree that the following three factors make for a more enjoyable shower experience:

  • 70% want to adjust the water temperature
  • 68% want to take their time
  • 68% want to use products that make them smell and feel great

Other Fun Facts:

  • Morning Spritz vs. Morning Snack: 65% of American women think skipping a shower would have a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast
  • Treat Yourself: A nice hot shower is almost always welcome but with certain luxuries, it can be a real treat. 71% of women find a specialty showerhead to be the most desirable shower luxury followed by mood lighting (15%)
  • Time Out: American women spend an average of 19 minutes in the shower each morning


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