QUIZ: Test Your Knowledge About Antibiotics

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Try your hand at this quiz. Read each question and then click the button to the right of the answer you think is correct.

1.   Antibiotics fight infections caused by

2.   Bacteria are germs that cause colds and flu.

3.   Which of these illnesses should be treated with antibiotics?

4.   Bacteria that cause infections can become resistant to antibiotics.

5.   I can prevent antibiotic-resistant infections when I:

(hint: More than one may apply)

6.   What can happen if I get an antibiotic-resistant infection?

(hint: More than one may apply)

7.   Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic in 1928. What was the antibiotic named?

8.   Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world's most pressing public health problems.



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