New LanguageLine App Puts More Than 8,000 Interpreters in Users’ Pockets

LanguageLine Solutions® has added an iPhone application to its mobile lineup, putting the power of more than 8,000 world-class interpreters in users' pockets.

InSight for iPhone allows users to take advantage of cellular connectivity to contact a highly trained interpreter via an intuitive interface that requires just one touch.

Ten months ago, LanguageLine redefined the language access industry with the launch of its InSightSM Interpreting application, a next-generation, mobile video-and-audio solution for the iPad. The app replaced the need for phone lines or specialized equipment, while making the world's largest, most experienced linguist team available via the touch of a button on a single mobile solution.

Today InSight is taking a quantum leap forward with the release of the new iPhone application.

"LanguageLine® InSightSM for iPhone is a breakthrough innovation," LanguageLine President and CEO Scott W. Kleinsaid. "When an organization puts this app on its team's iPhones, it gives them highly portable, real-time access to an elite team of interpreters – wherever and whenever they are needed, in both audio and video formats."

InSight for iPhone allows users to take advantage of cellular connectivity to contact a highly trained interpreter via an intuitive interface that requires just one touch. There is no need to remember a toll-free number or password, nor are there long language directories through which to scroll.

"The InSight for iPhone app will prove invaluable for teams that move from location to location or are out in the field," Klein said. "Any organization that serves the limited English proficient, deaf, or hard-of-hearing communities will find that this application completely reinvents how it operates. This technology has the power to eliminate language and cultural barriers that impede communication.

"Think of the police officer, emergency medical technician, and visiting nurse who will be able to remotely access an audio or video interpreter; or the retail worker who can simply use an iPhone to communicate and facilitate a better experience. InSight for iPhone will quickly become a essential resource for all of them."

InSight for iPhone delivers clear, one-touch audio connections in more than 240 languages, as well as the option for high quality video connections in 34 spoken languages, as well as American Sign Language.

InSight for iPhone builds upon the power of Olympus, LanguageLine's $30 million, state-of-the-art technology platform. InSight sets the industry standard for security, as it has end-to-end encryption and is HIPAA compliant.

InSight for iPhone is now available in the App Store.  It can easily be implemented by any business or organization to help deliver outstanding customer service, build relationships, and increase revenue when serving the limited English proficient, deaf, and hard-of-hearing communities.

Please contact LanguageLine for more information at 800-752-6096 or visit

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