Memphis Nurse Helps Rescue Amber Alert Child

An observant Memphis nurse saved the life of a little girl after recognizing her from an Amber Alert. During her lunch break, the Baptist East tech was walking down a busy hospital corridor when she passed a man holding the hand of a young child. Something caught her attention, perhaps from years working as a nurse, and she took note of the two.

Her mind flashed to the posts and TV coverage she had seen early that day about an Amber Alert.  She pulled up the info on her smart phone and realized the little girl from the hallway was wearing the same clothes as in the picture.

“She recognized him, but wanted to double check and was keeping an eye on him.  She looked at the Amber Alert and noticed that was him and the child," Lt. Karen Rudolph said.

She didn't want to raise suspicion and was able to keep a poker face while she calmly and quickly called security who located the two on hospital security cameras.  From there, security called the police department and the little girl was saved and the suspect was taken into custody.

Little Becky's grandmother  expressed her appreciation for the media, getting the word out in a Florida press conference.

Lewis’ Grandmother said, “Without you guys, we probably would not be here.”

Just another incredible example of the way nurses are true every day heroes and make the difference!

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