5 Minutes Or Less: Weekly Health Tip

Learn steps you can take in five minutes or less to be safe and healthy with these weekly health tips! Be sure to click on the links to more information, including steps that may take longer but are worth the time. A new tip will be added each week.

Five Minutes Or Less For Health Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.Five Minutes Or Less For Health Widget.Flash Player 9 is required.



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Survey Finds Americans Value Mental Health and Physical Health Equally

Nearly 90 percent of Americans value mental health and physical health equally, yet about one-third find mental health care inaccessible, and more than four in...

Mindfulness Matters

At some point in your life, someone probably told you: “Enjoy every moment. Life is short.” Maybe you’ve smiled and rolled your eyes at...

A Day In the Life of a Hungry Nurse

  Being a busy nurse means you often feel depleted…and hungry.  Do Any of These Scenes Feel Familiar?   > You find yourself mentioning food in all of your conversations.   > You think about your hunger...