How Do You De-Stress After A Long Day?

Stressed female nurse in blue scrubs

We've all been there...our stress level is maxed out after working a long shift with a few cranky co-workers or high maintenance patients. What’s the first thing you do when you get home from working a shift? How do you de-stress after a long day? What’s your routine that helps you relax and unwind once you’ve punched the clock? Do you have favorite music or podcast on the drive home? Do you work out or meditate to help manage the stress? Share in the comments section below and check out what your fellow nurses are saying.

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2 months ago

Personally, just have a great shower 🚿 help me a lot to relieve my stress level. After that I enter to a different level of stress, what to cook for dinner and what for lunch tomorrow 😉

2 months ago

So, I was talking to a couple of other nurses on the unit about this. They both said that they listen to guided song-meditation driving to and from work. My initial response was a long blank stare. I said to them, can’t I just listen to a little Elton John or John Denver for the same effect ? (For you younger nurses, think Jon Legend or Ed Sheeran, I guess). I just wasn’t convinced. So, two weeks later (because nurses can be convincing), I’m listening to guided song-meditation driving to and from work. Hmmm. Well, it sorta works. I only… Read more »

2 months ago

As nurses we have had the ability to seek respite at home after a stressful shift. Unfortunately, now we have fewer options available to us to destress. Many are trying to figure out how to help children attend school remotely, complete meal planning that will limit exposure to restaurants/grocery stores, and not having family/friends to lean on for help. I have found myself escaping into binge watching TV series, reading, and home improvement projects.

2 months ago

I’m lucky to have the ability to walk 2.5 miles to work and the same home. I get to work early and relax and plan for the shift.
The walks help to plan pre- shift and debrief after on the walk home.
There are no perfect solutions for our high stress jobs I’m happy to be still standing upright after working in the ICU so long.

2 months ago

When I’ve had a really horrible week, the kind that by the end of the week it’s hard to breath, walk, sleep……on Friday, the block passed my car, there is this wonderful, delicious DONUT place, it finally reopened yah!, I buy a coconut custard donut sometimes 2. It works for me. Then I take a nice walk on Sunday.