10 Funny Signs I Was Destined To Become A Nurse

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

As a kid, I never thought of being a nurse. It wasn’t until my mid-20s, after a degree in a totally unrelated field, that started thinking I might become a healthcare provider. Here were my clues that I was destined to be a nurse…what were yours?

10 funny signs I was destined to become a nurse

10. I had an obsession with really comfortable, supportive shoes.

9. Given the choice, I’d prefer to wear drawstring pajamas all day.

8. Blood doesn’t bother me. Neither does poop, or vomit, or smelly things. Phlegm does, though, so being a respiratory therapist was right out.

7. I’ve always gotten up before the sun; why not use that to my advantage by getting a job where I had to leave the house at oh-dear-thirty?

6. Germs don’t bother me in the least.

5. I’ve always been really good at translating complex technical terms into English without making the other person feel like an idiot.

4. Drawing blood and starting IVs turned out to be really cool.

3. My parents taught me to be endlessly patient while at the same time teaching me to stand my ground against bullies.

2. I don’t have to pee very often. I’m like a camel, but in a bladder-contents sort of way.

1. I was born with a third arm and eyes in the back of my head. What gets me strange looks when I walk down the street is an asset in the nursing world.

What about you? Share in the comments section below.

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.



  1. I took all my toys apart to see how they worked. I needed to understand how things worked. I wasn’t so good at putting them back together so a surgeon or orthopedist was out of the question.

  2. I also can relate to the above. What solidified my path into nursing was when I was 16 and in the hospital for minor surgery. My evening nurse came in and asked if I wanted a sleeping pill, that my surgeon had ordered it. I remember being a little nervous since I had never taken anything except Tylenol. When I asked the nurse, whose name was Mrs. Fink btw, what would the effect of the pill be, she replied in a very stern and curt manner, “IT WILL PUT YOU TO SLEEP!” From that moment on, I knew that if I ever became a nurse, I would never speak to my patient the way she spoke to me. And no matter how busy I got during my career, I always took time to explain things to my patients.

  3. This is strange, but I loved reading books written by Doctors and Nurses. So I was CNA first, loved it and then got a LPN degree which took me to worlds of new things.

  4. Ann Freda Bishop
    I was in hospital at 10 years old with a fracture. The nurse held my hand and she looked real
    cute in her white uniform. I especially liked her cap. It accentuated her dark brown hair(same colour as mine) She had a soft kind voice & dark brown eyes like mine. I definitely wanted to be like her.
    My father became very ill when I was 15. It looked like university wasn’t in the cards but if I could get into a nursing school everything was pretty well paid for. I just had to endure 3 years of institutional living but there was the bonus of getting away from home. Nursing School curfews were a picnic to what I endured at home.

  5. In 2nd grade I got into trouble for show and tell by grossing out another student. I showed them pictures of their pacreas and told them all about what it was supposed to do when working properly.


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