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7 Ways To Cut The Sweet Stuff

It's all around you --in the break room, in the lunch room, in the coffee shop and even in your own refrigerator.  Most of...
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Stop Sleepwalking Through Your Morning Routine

Lather, rinse and keep repeating. According to a recent survey, the shower can have a more positive impact on the rest of you day...
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5 Tips To Rough Up Your Diet

Fiber—you know it's good for you. But if you're like many Americans, you don't get enough. In fact, most of us get less than...
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Embrace Easier Hair Routine

Ditch the hair dryer and join the air dry revolution this summer!  Unplug from your lengthy hair routine with these easy hair-dos and tips to help you...
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5 Minutes Or Less: Weekly Health Tip

Learn steps you can take in five minutes or less to be safe and healthy with...
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Nurses Request Discussion on Health Effects of Climate, Environment Crisis

Leaders of unions representing leading nurses and other healthcare workers in 18 countries from every major continent requested a meeting with Pope Francis during his...
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NINR Announces Four New Members To The National Advisory Council For Nursing Research

The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) announced the appointment of four new members to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research (NACNR), the...
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Using Science to Prescribe: The Future Is Here!

My patients often hear me say: “Medicine is an art not a science”.  While I do not mean science is not the basis of medicine,...


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