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Nurse Eye Roll: Nurses – Protect Your Back!

After you land your first nursey job, you’ll sit through a long orientation.  You’ll have just come back from lunch in a food coma,...
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Nurse Eye Roll: Advice For Male Nursing Students

I frequently get a lot of questions from guys looking into becoming a nurse but they want to know what it’s like to work...
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The 8 Best Hand Products For Nurses

  Clap your hands and give a cheer to the 8 best hand products for nurses!   Out Damned Spot We love multitasking beauty products because they save you...
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Need A Good Laugh?

Need a good belly laugh after having one of those days?  Check out a few of our favorite nursey internet memes.  Enjoy!          
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10 Alcohol Pad Hacks For The Resourceful Nurse

It’s time to talk about the unsung hero of our profession: alcohol pads. Although they aren’t soaked in unicorn tears, as previously believed, these tiny...
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How to Keep Calm and Nurse On When Things Go Nuts

Many times in your nursey career, your seemingly awesome shift will turn crazy in a moment.  The mark of a good nurse is...
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10 Awesome TV Nurses

The medical world and Hollywood have never been far apart. This partnership has spawned some of the most memorable moments in entertainment — from...


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