7 Long-Wear Makeup Products That’ll Last Through 12-Hour Shifts

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Long shifts, quick bites and lots of caffeine…a nurse’s day-to-day routine isn’t exactly the foundation for flawless skin. If a little makeup is your secret to feeling like your best, most radiant self, make sure it’s prepared for the long haul—just like you.

Still searching for makeup with muscles? Below, seven top-rated basics for a longer-lasting look:

1. Take cover! Blemishes are a bummer, but totally manageable with the right concealer. Aside from having the most straightforward name on the market, Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer provides excellent coverage and will hide even the most stubborn imperfections.

A little tip: Apply concealer after foundation, dabbing over the area with a translucent powder for a stronger set.


2. Twenty-four-hour wear. The name says it all. Revlon ColorStay Foundation is one of those “best product for the best price” kinds of cosmetics. It comes in 20 different shades and has SoftFlex technology.

Full disclosure: While we don’t actually know what SoftFlex technology means, we do know that this stuff stays on like a second set of skin. So there’s that.


3. You’re making me blush. At $30, the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette may seem like a lot, but this palette is a three-for-one find, with a blush, highlighter and bronzer trip built to last in the battle against fluorescent lighting and a colorless, night-shift complexion.

For extra-long shifts, dab some highlighter just underneath each eye to help hide tired circles.


4. To BB or not to BB. If you have sensitive skin, swap out foundation for some BB cream. Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream is about $20 less than its higher-end counterparts and an all-day fix.

Furthermore, this cream contains SPF, which is a total must considering you’re constantly reminding patients to wear their sunscreen.



5. Patient-proof mascara. The life of a nurse can be, well, wet. Crying comes with the territory, but waterproof mascara can be a pain to manage and an even bigger pain to remove. Luckily, Cargo Better Than Waterproof Mascara has tubing technology that offers waterproof wear that you won’t have to go to battle with over the sink before falling into bed.


6. Go translucent for the win. Finish your work look with a translucent powder, such as bareMinerals Mineral Veil. Not only will a light layer even out imperfections, it’ll also make sure your makeup stays in place all shift.


7. Ready, set, go. Need something a little stronger than a finishing powder to help power you through the day? NYX Cosmetics’ Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray is only $7.99 and delivers just the kind of boost you need to end your shift looking fresh.

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How'd we do?  More importantly, what are your favorite go-to makeups that survive a 12-hour shift?  Share your recommendations in the comments section below.

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

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frank lomprez RN
1 year ago

Frank the RN here. never had a makeup problem 🙂

3 years ago

Younique for the win for sure! All the products stand the test of time, blood, sweat, and tears-

Susan Burns
3 years ago

You mention bareminerals Mineral Veil. I started wearing mineral makeup 25 years ago when I moved to Phoenix. I couldn’t wear my usual liquid foundation during the summer, because sweat and makeup dripped from my face. Bareminerals was my savior. I was able to wear full makeup and it stayed put when I was working. I would sweat even with air conditioning. Then I started menopause with hot flashes. Mineral makeup is also great if your skin is sensitive.

3 years ago

Permanent liner permanent lipstick dye your lashes every 6 weeks with a lash lift and then u just have to deasl with foundation, bb cream or clean face and look ready to go