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“The Specialty Where Nurses Laugh the Most Is…”

Nursing is an undeniably tough job, but it sure has its moments of humor, too. After all, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying! We...
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Survey Shows Nurses Feel Burnt Out While Nursing Skills Gap Continues to Grow

Nursing jobs are increasing at an accelerated rate. CareerBuilder's analysis of the labor market shows the number of nursing jobs (RN and LPN) in...
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Nursing Stats You’ve Never Heard Of — Until Now!

The creator of this infographic hesitates to call it an infographic in the truest sense. However, that’s what we’re calling it! And it’s a...

15 Ways Nursing Will Change Your Life

I often wonder what the newer generations think they are getting into when they choose our profession. What do they think their job will...
"Smiling Asian woman on street"

Hi. I’m the nurse. We’ve never met.

Today, when stereotypes are rampant and when confusion is the common prescription in health care, I find it necessary to share my views of a...
"Stressed out woman"

Let’s Talk Nerves

The other day at work, during a particularly bad hemorrhage in the OR, I went to open a package of laps and then “throw”...
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What Are The Best States To Live In If You’re A Nurse?

The nursing industry is expected to grow faster than most other occupations over the next decade, thanks in part to an aging population and...

The No. 1 Key To Success As A Nurse

There is a lot of advice out there about how you should enter, develop and progress in nursing. Do you get your feet wet by...
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Need A Good Laugh?

Need a good belly laugh after having one of those days?  Check out a few of our favorite nursey internet memes.  Enjoy!          
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Nurses: Are You Making Your List Yet?

If the decorations decking the department stores are any indication, Christmas is practically breathing down our necks already. It’s time to start thinking about...


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