What Are The Best Questions To Ask During A Job Interview?

What are the best questions to ask during a job interview? Not the typical softball questions, but thoughtful, discerning questions that help you determine what it is like to work there and if it's the right job for you.

What do you think? What are the best questions to ask? Do you have a question that helps you find out insider info about a job and its culture? Check out a few of our favorite questions and don't forget to add yours in the comments section comments below.


Ask about the unit culture, advancement opportunities, pros and cons, any questions they have regarding your resume.

Destiny M.


What do you expect from a successful nurse?

Maddy D.


Most important thing to find out is patient ratio and acuity...

Nan S.


I always ask if I can speak with a few staff members and ask them what they think of the employer. If they say no, that's an answer itself. If they say yes, you can find out a lot about a place.

Sadie S.


Describe the culture. What kind of supports are in place for new or newly hired nurses? How do vacation requests work (first come, seniority, etc.)?

Allie M.


What does a typical day look like?

Char I.


What makes you most proud of your unit?

Jennifer S.


How about do I get to take a lunch or a chance to pee?

Jade R.


What can I do to be successful in this role? What are your expectations for my performance after 6 weeks, 6 month, 1 year?

Austin B.


Ask them if they had an unlimited amount of money, what would they do first to make a positive change on their unit.

Sarah R.


What is their unit's turnover rate and why do they think it is low or high?

Paige S.


What education opportunities are available and how do you support growth of your nurses?

Christina L.


As a manager/charge/etc., how do you handle giving feedback when someone makes a mistake? Follow up with what are some of the biggest of most common mistakes you see with people in this position.

Andrea C.


Why did the last nurse in this position leave?

Bridgette M.


What kind of support staff is available? Ward clerk, CMA, CNA, Nurse Techs, etc? Teams (IV, Wound, Respiratory, Etc.)? Tuition reimbursement max limits? How is the scheduling done? Patient ratios?

Miranda A.


How do you handle stress or conflicts?

Anna T.


Study their core values or mission statement and find a question to ask about that. That shows that you've looked at it and researched the employer.

Sarah G.


Your turn! Please add your best questions in the comments section below.






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