7 Painting Projects For Weekend Warriors

Homeowners are often advised to keep the home neutral and avoid decorating with anything too bold or personal. But in order to make a house your home, the decor should reflect your personality and style. The good news is you don't have to make permanent commitments. Paint is an easy and cost-effective way to infuse color and patterns that transform the aesthetic of a room or piece of furniture.

Regardless of whether you're a masterful weekend warrior or first-time do-it-yourselfer, paint projects don't have to be time-intensive or overwhelming – a little paint and creativity can go a long way toward refreshing your space.

"The key to achieving professional-looking results is using the right tools," said interior decorator Martin Amado. "That's why I start all my painting projects by going to Lowe's to pick up high-quality paint brushes, a can of paint and 3M Safe Release Painter's Tape with Advanced Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector."

Amado suggests these painting projects you can accomplish with just one can of paint:

1.  Color block your furniture: Take the dining room from drab to fab by painting the bottom halves of table legs and chairs in a bold, solid color. Change the look each season to impress guests on every occasion.

2. Invent your own artwork: Unleash your inner artist and create unique designs on canvas or fiberboard. Use painter's tape to make abstract designs and add your favorite paint color before finishing each piece with a decal or monogram.
3. Enhance your tired armoires: Play dress up with your furniture, and give armoire doors a makeover. Paint a colorful border around the front of the door and adhere adhesive hooks in the middle for a stylish, yet functional, new piece.
4. Skip store-bought photo frames: Instead of purchasing frames for your gallery wall, paint basic shapes directly on the wall. Mount artwork or photos onto the painted backdrops for a picture-perfect place to preserve your favorite memories.
5. Design a lavish headboard for less: Save money and instead splurge on style by painting a "frame" on the wall just above your bed. Rectangular shapes work best for most beds and you can get creative by trying patterns such as stripes, chevron and diamonds.
6. Install faux panel moulding: No moulding? No problem! Buy inexpensive frames and paint them the same color as your baseboard trim. Adhere the frames to the wall (without the backing and glass) for a simple, yet dramatic, look.
7. Make a statement (wall): Pick your favorite pattern trends and bring them to life on one wall of the living room or bedroom. If you're not ready to take on patterns, bold and bright colors will do the trick.


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