5 Pops of Pattern to Instantly Upgrade Interiors


"Pattern always catches my eye and is my go-to element for adding something special to a space," said Grace Bonney, design expert, founder of Design*Sponge and author of the best-selling book "Design*Sponge at Home."

"For me, a pattern is almost always greater than the sum of its parts," Bonney said. "Beautiful paint colors combine with brilliant linework to create something simple or so over-the-top that it can transform a room instantly."

Patternbank, experts in modern style and design, analyzed the world of pattern and forecast five up-and-coming trends that can help take your home from boring to beautiful by adding depth, color and personality.

  • Striking Linework – The once simple stripe has found new life with a bold, modern twist. Sharp angles and a fractured, abstract look bring dimension to the standard stripe, and add strong visual impact to even the most awkward spaces around the home. Consider using neutral paint colors for more traditional and elegant looks or brighter colors to infuse energy into the space.
  • Mod Optic – Bold geometric designs are making their way into home decor with subtle shifts in scale and color. These strong three-dimensional patterns create a clean, modern style that communicates sophistication and audacity. Infuse contrast and depth to create a clean, modern backdrop for existing decor. The pattern allows you to play with a combination of light and dark colors as a way to add different levels of drama based on the space.
  • Geo Elemental – From north and south to east and west, global influences can be seen in architecture, interior design and on the fashion runways. Merging traditional shapes such as zigzags and diamonds with various color treatments adds a modern feel to deep-rooted tradition, creating a meeting point for contemporary and universal. The lively repetition of eye-catching, sharp lines is ideal for spaces that draw attention in one direction and evoke a strong sense of place. Using earth tones and natural colors add to the global feel of the pattern, while cool neutral colors provide a calming aura.
  • '70s Revival – With retro trends making a comeback in both fashion and design, modernizing retro-themed patterns energizes the home and carries a whimsical accent throughout the space. Give a nod to the stylish looks of the '70s by building on lavish shapes with modern styling and fresh forms. The combination of high-contrast colors and the big impact of the pattern help make the space feel dynamic and lively.
  • Found Fragments – Layering pattern on pattern gives you the creative license to have fun experimenting and showcasing your personal style. With clean lines or shapes juxtaposed against existing prints and designs, this pattern keeps your space down-to-earth while still being on trend. Diversify existing decor elements by layering multiple patterns and mediums to adapt any space to match your changing styles.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Help Pull Off Better Paint Jobs
Proper prep work is the key to professional-looking results. Before starting any paint pattern project, reference these quick tips and tricks:

  • Tape around baseboards, windows and tiles to protect them from drips and to ensure sharp paint lines.
  • Always clean surfaces before painting and only apply tape once the area is fully dry.
  • Choose the right tape for the surface you're painting, such as Multi-Surface Tape for baseboards and trim, metal and glass, or Delicate Surfaces Tape for walls, cabinets, wood floors and freshly painted surfaces.
  • Use a pencil to sketch designs onto walls before applying the painter's tape. Be sure to apply the tape just outside the lines so that you ultimately cover the drawn lines with paint.
  • Once the paint has fully dried, remove the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle to reveal the pattern.


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