4 All-Natural and EASY Winter Beauty Hacks for Nurses

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

Two home made remedies surrounded by a pile of grains
You’ve already got enough problems—winter beauty woes shouldn’t add more. However, we know that finding (and buying) products meant to help nourish dry skin and hair isn’t exactly appealing, either. So we’ve gathered some super simple DIY solutions to common nursey complaints using products you can find in your pantry—because feeling your best shouldn’t be a total pain, even when simply stepping outside is.

1. Dry hands

Man in orange shirt grabbing his severely dry hand

Chances are you’re already battling dry hands with all that washing you do on a daily basis. And now you have to factor in winter weather, too? Your hands are going to be looking for a lot of extra love in the months to come.

However, before you go testing a dozen different products, try this simple solution—a homemade scrub as easy to concoct as it is nourishing.

Here’s how to make it: 

Just combine olive oil, brown sugar and honey in equal parts, blending until you have a thick scrub that you can use to exfoliate your hands before rinsing them clean with warm water. This will help your hands stay soft, smooth and ready to absorb more of your favorite moisturizer.

Note: If your cuticles are dry and cracking, try rubbing a dab of olive oil over the irritated area each night. If you’re at work and really feelin’ the dryness, try all-natural lip balm instead.

2.Dry, cracked feet

Woman on her bed in pajamas holding her dry feet

Combine many miles’ worth of steps with harsh winter weather and you’ve got a problem—also known as two very thirsty, battered feet. Luckily, this home remedy only requires one trip to the kitchen.

Just grab a bowl big enough for your two feet. Warm 2 to 4 cups of milk (make sure it’s not too hot, since you’ll be pouring it into the bowl and submerging your feet). After letting your feet soak in the milk for a few minutes, sprinkle and rub each foot with baking soda, focusing on any callouses. Finally, return your feet to the bowl, allowing them to soak for another five minutes or so.

The lactic acid in the milk will help exfoliate rough skin while the baking-soda rub will smooth out more stubborn spots.

3. Chapped lips 

Closeup of woman applying ointment to her dry lips with her finger

When you’re dehydrated (hello, 12-hour shifts) and simply too busy to apply lip balm on the regular, your lips are going to feel it. Enter: brown sugar and honey (round two).

As opposed to resorting to layer upon layer of lip balm, try mixing a pinch of brown sugar with a dab of honey and gently exfoliating your lips at the beginning or end of each day. Then, apply a second, small amount of honey (sans sugar) to your lips, allowing a thin coat to sit for about 20 minutes, which actually sounds kind of delicious. Finally, after rinsing, complete the process by blending a drop of honey with a little Vaseline, applying the mixture to your lips as often as needed for a longer-lasting softness.

4. “Blah” Hair

Woman holding a brush connected to her knotty hair

It’s hard (sometimes even impossible) to find the time just to deal with, let alone actually style, your hair in the morning, especially when it doesn’t feel like the morning…because it’s still dark out. And dry, brittle hair? Even worse.

For a look that’s still fresh and vibrant when all you’ve got is a quick ponytail in you, try applying this easy-peasy deep conditioner to your hair just once a week.

Here’s how to make it:

Mash ½ banana in a bowl, adding 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to blend (it’s easier if the oil has been warmed so that it’s not solid). Blend all three ingredients until they form a paste, applying it to damp or dry hair. Note: You’ll want to avoid your scalp if you’re prone to oily hair.

Tuck your hair into a shower cap to avoid messy drips and let the paste sit for at least 10 minutes (you can try longer!). Rinse with warm water (feel free to follow up with shampoo) and voilà!—moisture-happy hair that’s more willing to work with you than against you when you’re short on time and patience.


What are your winter beauty tips? Share them in the comments section below.


This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.


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1 year ago

Sounds yummy. Can’t wait to try the hacks for hands and lips

Susan Burns
3 years ago

Many years ago, I started using philosophy products: fabulous scented shower gels which also moisturise. They have a hand treatment product: Hands of Hope. It is expensive, $20 for 4 ounces but I only use it at night. It contains AHAs to gently exfoliate flaky skin and cuticles. I also try to buy when Ulta or the philosophy web sites have specials, like 30% off. You also get a discount when you sign up on the site. This is the best hand product I have ever used, I recommend it to other nurses.

Lyd Fra
3 years ago

Looking forward to giving a few of these a try