10 Things Only A Nurse Understands

How do you KNOW you’re a nurse? Well, there are some things only nurses can understand…and these are 10 of them!

10. That feeling of getting a patient totally cleaned up and neat in the bed, only to have a flood of liquid stool overcome the chuck pads.

9. How useful Vick’s VapoRub can be. Put it in a mask to kill bad smells! Rub it on sore feet for pain relief! Use it as a sandwich spread when you’re really desperate!

8. What a rarity it is to give report to the same person on the same patients three days in a row.

7. How often nurses make the decisions that doctors don’t think about or are too afraid to make.

6. Just how easily most things in life can be MacGyvered.

5. How omnidirectional hearing is a learned skill. Is that beep coming from 8? No, it’s coming from 21.

4. Why good health is the biggest blessing any person could ask for.

3. How much difference there is between a 12-hour and a 16-hour shift.

2. That zombies aren’t a threat to the human race. They’re just residents with bad skin.

1. How amazing it is to have an old patient walk back into the unit to say thanks.

What would you add to the list, nurses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. To save a patient’s life, despite the efforts of their doctor, and to have the patient thank their doctor.

  2. Running into a former OB Patient and have them pull forward this very tall teenager and state to this teenager “ oh honey look who it is! It’s the nurse that helped deliver you! You remember her don’t you! I know she remembers you!” As you stand there looking up into a red faced 16 year old.

  3. When you see a person in public and they say, “I remember you, you were there when I had my baby” and this new mother and her child are doing well. This is such a blessing.


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