What’s A Good Nurse Appreciation Gift?

We've seen some interesting nurse appreciation gifts lately on social media. What's with the rocks? Or food running out before night shift? Anyone want more pizza? It got us talking about what makes a good appreciation gift for nurses. Check out our top list of nurse appreciation gifts below and don't forget to add your own or rank ours in the comments section below.

Gift cards for coffee or lunch.

--Sonya C.

Lotion or hand sanitizer.

--Holly M.

Spa/self care kit.

--Jody T.


--Janet L.

Adequate staffing.

--Kayla M.

Practical bags stuffed with goodies -good coffee mugs!

--Karen P.

Fresh food that is kept fresh.

--Tiffany W.


--John K.

A catered meal from Chipotle!

--Alex W.

FREE coffee!

--Callie M.

A raise!

Maddy J.

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts $5 gift card.

Steph P.

Your turn! Share what makes a good nurse appreciation gift in the comments section below and check back to see what your fellow ModernNurse readers have added!


  1. Retention Bonuses that outstrip the recruitment bonuses showing appreciation for experience and loyalty that those who have chosen to stay are showing the corporations who have chosen youth over experience they understand the bed they have made they must now lie in.

  2. To adjust Pre-Pandemic Policies on Sick call and Tardiness to the reality of being a Nurse in a Global Pandemic!
    I can buy my own coffee and lunch. Nurses and other Healthcare staff are just exhausted. To have the exact policy expectations that were Pre-Pandemic is a lack of respect and support for the work we are doing. Nurses have had to adjust in so many ways in caring for patients and with a Lack of staffing.
    So, why doesn’t leadership adapt their policies to show they acknowledge our work by supporting our well-being. When the pandemic is under more control, then it can go back to Pre-Pandemic Policies, but could we all get a break, for God’s sake! We need compassion, support, and acknowledgment of the work we are all doing and Not Gifts! I can buy my coffee and lunch. Nurses have had to adjust, so why can’t Policies change in a Global Pandemic to get us all through this with some leniency that shows us you are listening to us all.

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