What Secrets Are Nurses Keeping From the Rest of the World?

This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

Here’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about healthcare: Nurses see all, hear all and know all. We asked the nurses who follow our Facebook page to share some of their secrets and unbelievable nursing stories with us. We could hardly believe some of the things they had to say!


“Hospitals can’t really enforce visiting hours. One of the biggest lies out there.”
—Vicki L.

“Come to the dark side (pre-hospital emergency medicine) if you really want to learn about the sick and twisted side of the healthcare system.”
—Erin W.

“It’s the nurses [who] save the clinical clerks, interns and residents when they start in a new area.”
—Marg M.


Other nurses had an opinion on the times throughout the calendar year that patients should avoid getting injured and/or sick:


“We call summer ‘Julyurary.’ It can be so busy you feel as though it’s mid-winter. Plus, shark bites make it interesting.”
—Kim D.

“Really don’t get sick at Thanksgiving and Christmas!!”
—Suzanne S.

“It is also VERY TRUE about not wanting to get sick in July. Every nurse in a hospital knows this.”
—Cindy I

“And don’t have surgery just before the budget deadline!!”
—Nikki H.


One nurse shared her thoughts on how to identify doctors who will provide the best care:


“Always ask a nurse what they know about a surgeon before you use them. There is no better resource.”
—Cindy I.


And then there were the nurses who had some interesting thoughts on the special treatment received by the 1 percent of patients:


I would get a call from an administrator saying that ‘so-and-so is coming in for their diagnostic cath; be extra good to _____.’ I would respond, ‘Do you mean I have to treat this person differently than my other patients?’ I would usually get a sputtering, ‘Well, no, but…’ to which I would respond, ‘I treat every patient the same, no matter who they are. You can be assured that this person will be well cared for.’ That crap used to make me see red. Glad I’m not in management anymore.”
—Valerie D.

“VIPs expect the five-star hotel experience for the sprained wrist they get for patting themselves on the back.”
—Kim D.


It’s time to spill the beans, nurses. What other secrets are you keeping from us? Share your thoughts in a comment below!



This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.



  1. I never till the truth to my wife if she ask anything during my duty due to unexpected task, crisis or critical situation

  2. Today we always hear about all the heroes of America, but you rarely ever hear about our nurses being the real heroes?
    Believe you me, we always hear about Policemen, Fire-Fighters, Military and Para-Medics and of course, the Doctors getting recognized as heroes, right? While, in fact, we already know many are heroes-BUT, did you know that nurses actually save more lives than many of these other professions?
    Yes, most nurses know that it is the “nurse” that are the real “UNSUNG HEROES OF TODAY”-Period! We need to start demanding the respect that we deserve and the pay that we definitely earn! Maybe then we will get the recognition that we deserve. Then, just maybe then, we will be included with the other professions, at some point, as one of the real “Unsung Heroes” of Humanity today… Thank-you!

  3. When doctors strongly urge a family to make a pt. DNR (Do Not Resusitate), they aren’t trying to be cold, unfeeling, or uncaring. They REALLY feel it’s in the patient’s best interests. Most family members don’t realize the harsh physicality of CPR; most elderly people will suffer one or more broken ribs, especially if they are underweight; some barely make it through and then get put on ventilators anyway. IF the loved one makes it through, then they will suffer with pain until they actually do die. If you’re 95, really, unless you’re in the best of shape, you don’t need to be a full code. Not to be cold, but it’s just practicality.

    • I agree. I work in a “nursing home”. Total census approximately 105 residents. 7 on hospice; 20 + the hospice are DNR. The rest are full codes. Some of them weigh as little as 100 pounds dripping wet. CPR = Crunch. One family changed doctors when the doctor brought up DNR; due to frequent bouts of aspiration pneumonia (resident was on pureed diet – family refused thickened liquids).

  4. Listen to your mother and always wear clean under wear. You would not believe the number of dirty drawers I have cut off people.

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