What Is The Best Thing A Coworker Has Said To You?

Smiling female nurse

Here's an uplifting question to consider: What's the best thing a coworker has said to you? Better yet, what's the nicest thing you've ever said to a coworker? A compliment or encouraging word at just the right time from a teammate, manager, colleague or coworker can make all the difference. It stays with you throughout your career and can be recalled during those tough days. Share your "best things" in the comments section below and check out a few of our favorites from fellow nurses.

"Best thing a coworker has ever said ="Don't worry about that, I'll take care of it. Go home and get some sleep."

Lee G.


"Had a PT message me the following: "It is such a pleasure to work with you -you are down to earth, calm and more than happy to answer any questions. You are SO great with your patients! Thanks for your positive attitude and attention to detail. You are appreciated."

Jessie C.


"I will only pick up OT if you are on the schedule!"

Dusty D.


"If I'm ever sick I would want you to be my nurse."

Rachel C.


"Best nurse I've ever worked with." Had an ER doctor pull me aside and tell me that.

Jona P.


"I need some extra time. Do you want me to cover your shift tomorrow night?"

Kay S.


"A colleague was introducing me to a friend and she said, 'she's the best nurse I've ever worked with!"

Jackie G.


"I know when I see our name on the board I'm covered."

Eden S.


"Yay! You're my CNA today! It's going to be a great day!"

Tisha A.


"Want to leave early?'

Barbara G.


"Best compliment from a coworker was being told she loved how I talked to patients like they are actually people and I never talk down to them. Made me feel good."

Katy E.


"The world would be a better place if everyone was like you."

Becca M.


"That working with me made their night better."

Lisa D.


Your turn! Share the best thing a coworker has said to you in the comments section below and check back to see what other nurses have shared!
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Linda Bentz
4 months ago

I want to work with you again tomorrow.

Jean F.
4 months ago

What a co-worker told me on a day the unit was packed, “I looked at the board and my heart sank, but then I saw you were on and I knew the work would get done.”

Karen Sytsma
4 months ago

“You are a true nurse’s nurse. A rare blend of skill and genuine compassion.” Made me cry.