What Do You Think About Workplace Bullying?

Did you know October is National Bullying Awareness Month? The problem of bullying is one nurses are sadly all too familiar with. We've selected a few comments our ModernNurse readers have shared regarding their own stories and thoughts on this important topic. Read below and share your own thoughts on workplace bullying and what we can do to be a part of the solution.

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I wish this didn’t still bother me, but it does. The worst bully I have encountered in 47yrs. of emergency nursing is the woman who insisted that I be fired. She disagreed with me that an elderly woman with a K+ level of 2.2 should be able to sign out AMA and drive home or to the hospital if she wanted to. I engaged the pt’s daughter in an effort to facilitate a quick and safe transfer by having her drive her mother’s car and for her to go with our local paramedics to the nearest hospital. She finally agreed and was admitted and stayed for a four-day treatment of slow drip potassium. After several meetings with human resources, I was fired because I was considered to be acting outside my scope of practice. I was also denied unemployment coverage and had to go before a judge to have it begun. She was a young nurse with too much responsibility in a situation that was meant to be “the best care for the patient.” Within a week, she had a special meeting of my former teammates to warn them that she, herself, was feeling bullied by their unhappy reaction to my firing. I try to forget about being fired, because nursing was my love.

--Patricia S.


How about the sneaky, snarky type of bully? The one who sets people up, intimidates new staff and has to be the one who ”saves the day”. This person is the loudest, most attention seeking person in the place. She travels with a posse equally as snarky. Administration is totally aware of staff perceptions but alas… nothing.



Unfortunately, nurses do eat their young and I never understood that–we were all young once. In fact, I have a friend who did her master’s thesis on “How Nurses Eat Their Young” and the reasons are endless!! About the comment how nurses hate everything about the job–obviously we don’t or we wouldn’t continue to do it. Nursing school was no picnic, but we all completed it. Maybe that says something about most of us!! But, look at it from the other side–we touch people’s lives everyday and we are able to do something 99.9% of the rest of the population can’t. I think that’s really special!

- mighteemouse


And just about the time you have staff brave enough to say, “we are not going to take this any more!” And actually give you specifics in writing add the unions into the picture. I lost 5 good nurses within a months time due to 1 bully. I write her up, HR interviewed them all, upheld my disciplinary action, and the union fought it saying my decision was preconceived. The VP had to get involved and it stuck. Where was the union protecting the rights of the abused nurses???  It is present and we need to stay firm in not tolerating it. We grow the culture that allows bullies to flourish by NOT acting when we should.

- MC


I can honestly say in 25 years of nursing I have worked with a few “wanna be bullies” but mostly just very good nurses who were decent people. I’ve found being firm, fair and friendly to co working nurses goes a long way, with an equal emphasis on each of those 3 components. Also, being professionally assertive and confront negative issues when they occur. I don’t mean hostile confrontation. I mean simply respectfully standing up for yourself. Just knowing that you will respond back derails many bully personalities. Don't allow negative emotions to build along with fear and resentment. This is what happens when others make bad remarks and you do not address the inappropriateness of it. We all need to treat others with respect and then expect the same from them.

- Ruth N.


Wow. We’ve never met but you perfectly described my boss from my previous hospital. She was a Selective Bully who had been around forever Even the CEO of the hospital didn’t dare to confront her. Thank God I finally. Figured out her agenda and found another job before she could carry it out!

- Lynda M.


Most bullies are allowed to be that way because administration does nothing to stop this despicable behavior. You will find this in every healthcare setting. It should be discussed more frequently. Administration that allows this or ignores this should be disciplined along with the bullies . Serious action should be taken by nursing boards. This might help curtail this very real problem. --Ellen

You’ve only scratched the surface! I’ve seen many types of bullies in the medical work place. Problem is they love attention from the boss and your colleagues. I ask them to go to a quiet room and have a one on one discussion. That seems to take the wind out of their sails. They don’t have the lights and they look much different in the quiet setting. Someday I’m going to write an article on this subject and I hope it gets published. There are many good nurses out there who tolerate this behavior. They love helping the patients, as I do, but there are quite a few who try to discourage that. Such a shame.

- Bob G.


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If you pay close attention to what is going on around you on the units, you will realize nursing has a great amount of disgusting and dysfunctional people working in this field.


I become very upset and I feel frustrated when I see my colleagues bullying new nurses. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years. I worked in different settings. I work right now in a place where we need team work. Each nurse’s opinion is very important. We need to work together no against each other. I see supervisors standing behind nurses to expect them to fail. There is not compassion for their personal issues. I pray every day to handle any confrontation appropriately so I don’t get reprimanded. However, this place has only made me stronger and become aware to… Read more »


I’ve been on the receiving end of so many bullying, snarky, situations I couldn’t go into details – not enough room or time. Wish I had never become a nurse. To those who haven’t been a victim spare us the advice to b strong. Would u tell a domestic abuse victim the same thing?


I have to say that I was lucky. I was 31 when I became an RN. Having experienced work place bullying when I was 21, I had already learned how to deal with it. I was also older coming into nursing. I had a mouth and knew how to use it. I guess I was also lucky to have some pretty good bosses. There were some co-workers that I didn’t care for, and some doctors and residents that were jerks. When I started and was precepted, I would tell my preceptor that I want feedback because I still need to… Read more »


Bullying is real and I was amazed by some of the comments I read here but more educated for them. I haven’t been in nursing long but I have discovered that it is worse than corporate America. At least in corporate there are no unions. If you bully, you go to HR, write up, than let go. For some reason in healthcare it’s tolerated more. If I am a manager, do I allow 1 bully to stay on staff and chase away 5 nurses or do I get rid of the 1 bully? I rather get rid of 1 than… Read more »


I was bullied years ago by the DON I reported her to corporate and they said that maybe they would look into it. She was a lying underhanded person and ran off several good nurses. Nothing was done about her so I quit just to get away from her. Its unfortunate that bullies are not held accountable for their actions.


Bullying is pervasive in healthcare. I have noticed that it’s not just the young that get eaten but the experienced/mature nurses (as in over 50 y/o and up)are also disrespected for their work ethic, knowledge, and skills. These bullies incidentally are often empowered by Managers and administration because of lack of action when reported. When you review the topic of bullying you see that it has been a huge topic and even built in to hospitals education reading requirements and sign off. The problem is that it is all ignored. As a manager I had to have specific documentation of… Read more »

Sally Black

It has been identified that ICU,NICU, Labor and Delivery, and Maternity units have the highest incidents of bullying by JACHO. The longest a new grad will last in NICU is 5 years. Then she will leave nursing altogether because of bullying. That’s so sad. Statistics are high. SB

Sally Black

Unfortunately I was a victim of work place bullying. I even went to my HR rep, who went straight to my supervisor and they both had a plan and fired me. I’ve been s nurse for 30 years. I have loved every minute of it. I was asked to resign and told I wouldn’t be fired. I was going to contact JACHO about horizontal violence in the workplace prior to being fired. I wanted to give my supervisor a chance first, she wasn’t interested. I was working on the maternity unit which was my passion. I worked at that facility… Read more »


I was given the best advice from A manager before I completed my RN degree and it was to confront anyone you have an issue with face to face. If that doesn’t work then get your manager or whoever is above them involved. I have found that when I confront the bully and call them out on their irrational, unprofessional behavior they usually tuck tail and run. Most bullies are insecure and cowards. It usually shocks the hell out of them since I am quiet and kind of shy, but also very strong and confident and a good nurse so… Read more »


I always try to smile and stay up beat at work because I enjoy being a nurse.Unfortunately, this is taken as a sign of weakness or lack of intelligence.Therefore, I have been bullied a few times.I resolve the situation by standing my ground and confronting the situation.I just recently switched jobs d/t the worst situation of bullying that I have encountered in 30 years of nursing.This began silently in my first few weeks at a new job by a person who was in charge daily and tried to get me fired.I was not going to allow this person to cause… Read more »


I am sad to say that I have been working within a hostile work environment for the last 3 years. I have been a nurse for over 30 years and I have NEVER been treated like this! My nurse manager targets nurses who are not within ‘her favorite’ group. Her type of ‘leadership’ is to belittle, scream, or verbally beat you down. She will micromanage and then turn around and The union and HR know about her and do nothing. In fact one union representative stated to me, prior to me saying what was going on, that I needed to… Read more »


I have been bullied in the workplace by a person who to this day I would walk away from her no matter what her need, she is the only person in my 60 years of life that I can say that about, she also enlisted others to harass, they were so sure that nothing could happen that they sent a card (all signed) by the 7 of 14 people working in that unit, telling me how miserable they wanted to make my life but they were really followers, and probably afraid that she would turn on them, her major problem?… Read more »


I disagree with seasoned nurses eating the young nurses. I feel that has reversed with the young going after the older nurse. I have experienced bullying. When I report, I just get told it is my perception and I am wrong. When coworkers make perceptions about me, they are always correct. Also the younger nurses imply that I cant handle the work. I finish my work myself and never ask for help. Because it will be used against me.

Seasoned nurse

We have a “suggestion box” that is in a location that permits anonymous drops. It is almost 100% used for complaints about other employees. I call it the bully box. Sadly, despite being advised that this box neither provides suggestions nor is helpful, the administration continues to allow its use. It is the same situation as online/cyber bullying because you do not know who complained, you cannot defend yourself and, to top it all off, the administration acts like it is important to tell you when there is a complaint – even unsubstantiated! Morale is suffering and people have been… Read more »


In 41 years of nursing I found that bullying started at the very top with the DON’s and filtered right down to the very bottom, especially because it was tolerated at all levels. It was exacerbated by long hours, lack of sleep, abuse from patients and their families, and a totally unbalanced work vs personal life mentality. These conditions became much worse when medicine began to be regulated by politicians and government instead of the medical staff.


Bullying is motivated by a persons lack of self esteem. People who bully others are trying to cover ip their own incompetence and feel insecure and inadequate. In my experience as an RN the best way to deal with a bully is to confront them in a firm yet professional manner and to also deal with the incident as close to the time it happened as possible. As an RN or any other professional one must set boundaries right out of the gate. Unacceptable behavior needs to be addressed swiftly and firmly. I have never backed down from a bully.… Read more »

ms bullied

I’ve been always easy target by bullies. I’m small and short. I’m Asian. I’ve been a nurse for 25 yrs and until now I’m still learning to stand up against bullies. At one point I had Human Resources involved to deal with the bullies but unfortunately nothing was achieved-the bullies are still around working. My last manager was even worst-he did not do a good job in protecting me against the bullies. So I end up leaving the old job/unit to avoid the bullies. Now,I have a new unit and of course new bullies come in. But thank God,my new… Read more »